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  5. "La niña come un huevo."

"La niña come un huevo."

Translation:The girl eats an egg.

March 17, 2013


[deactivated user]

    Since English is also not my first language and i'm trying to learn spanish here, it would be nice if duolingo stopped testing on english language skills... The alternatives "a egg" and "an egg" are not quite helpful in that aspect


    It's the same in Spanish in Duolingo, but you should write correctly any way...


    Shouldn't it be La niña come UNA huevo?


    No, with spanish everything is either masculan or feminine. Eggs are masculan (idk why) car, animals, etc. but house, bicycle, clothes, beer, etc. are all feminine.


    Spanish is near french.. house un french is une maison and it is femenin.. but clothes in french is linge and sadly that dont work, because in a mascilin word..... oh well.


    no :) sometimes you have to remember which nouns are masculine & feminine but this one is easy. "un/una" modifies the egg (huevO). masculine either refers to all male or gender neutral nouns (mixed male & female) so, we can't tell the gender of an egg therefore it is masculine. an egg = "un (gender neutral) huevo"


    the get it wrong cause all I said was girls not girl


    I learned nina and nino as child in Spanish class. So that's annoying.


    This one is kinda dirty when you know the slang


    Why in the hell would you turn off the microphone with a 60 minutes default. My cab ride is 10 minutes? Please find the holes, the one who suggested it and the one who approved it, and fire them both. Then change the app so it request from each individual user what duration they would like for the mic to be inactive or offer five (5,15,30,45 or 60 min.) or more more options. There, that one is free to Duolingo to use as they desire. You're welcome.


    You know you can turn the mic back on before the 60 minutes is over...

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