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Clauses and word order

Hi, I thought I understood clauses in german sentences until i started doing these duolingo stories.

For example... "Warte, ich glaube, ich habe die Türklingel gehört"

shouldn't this be "Warte, ich glaube, ich die Türklingel gehört habe"

I was sure in clauses such as this the verb goes to the end?

This one also confused me...

"Cool. Gucken wir das Spiel weiter"

I didnt think the word "cool" would intiate the second position verb rule as its not a subject, therefore it should be "cool. "Wir gucken das Spiel weiter"?

Can somebody clear this up for me please

January 4, 2018



Whether the verb stays in the second position or goes to the end depends on the type of conjunction used.

If you wrote "Warte, ich glaube, dass ich die Türklingel gehört habe" that would be correct. But if you leave the "dass" out, then the word order does not change. The word order also does not change for the conjunctions "und" "aber" "oder" and "denn." These are called coordinating conjunctions, as opposed to subordinating conjunctions like "dass" "wenn" etc.

Your last example is completely different. The verb is first because it is in the imperative. "Gucken wir das Spiel weiter" means "Let's watch the game some more", not "We are watching the game some more."


I see thankyou, on the last bit, would "Lass uns das Spiel weiter gucken" also be correct?


Yes, that would also be absolutely correct.

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