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Improvements to the "Strengthen Skills" feature?

I'm not sure if similar suggestions have been made to this effect, but I would really like to see an improvement to the way that users are able to practice previous skills with Duolingo.

For example, Italian had been my main target language for years; in conjunction with Duolingo, I studied it in college, eventually lived abroad in Italy, and worked at an Italian company upon my return.

While most of my practice is now through conversing with friends, as well as through the articles, movies, and music I'm able to enjoy, I still find Duolingo a useful way to sort of reactivate the Italian muscle when I've been away from it for a while.

However, I don't need to be going over "uomo" means "man" and "donna" means "woman" over and over again. This is what I typically find when I use Duolingo's practice feature. I get that the basics would technically be my weakest skills, as I've revisited them the least. But I've now completed the skill tree, and completed other trees working with Italian as my source language. Sure, I can revisit more challenging skills as I want, but I'd find it much more helpful (and engaging) to be presented with a melange of exercises pulled from all levels of the tree.

At the same time, I'm now working on Czech, and do find that I'd like to revisit more remedial concepts as I move further along, as I find (shockingly!) the grammar and vocabulary to be much more complex and unfamiliar.

So I guess I would propose a choice of different levels when practicing? I.e "Basics," (first levels) "Intermediate," (first to mid-levels) "Advanced" (mix of all levels).

Just wanted to put this out into the universe! Any thoughts or additional suggestions?

January 4, 2018

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Any thoughts or additional suggestions?

My favourite method to avoid having to strengthen the basics:

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