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"Children, why are you bleeding?"

Translation:Kinder, warum blutet ihr?

January 4, 2018



A question I never want to have to ask.


Just remember your own childhood - it happens fairly often. No fun without risking a scratch... :-)


Trust me, eventually you just stop asking.


Es ist egal, wir brauchen Hilfe! Ruf den Krankenwagen an!


Why blutet and not bluten


The subject "ihr" requires the verb to conjugate as "blutet." Similarly, "ihr spielt," "ihr geht," "ihr lauft," etc.

If you translated with the formal "Sie" instead of "ihr," then you would indeed use "bluten."


I said warum bluten Sie and was marked wrong


Yes, I did that also. I think it is because one tends to use the familiar when talking to children or people close to you, and therefore Duo wants us to use du and ihr instead of Sie.

If the question had been "People, why are you bleeding?" then you would definitely have a correct answer if you used Sie.


That's right, children are always addressed with "du/ihr."


Ah of course, thank you for reminding me


I tried Sie und bluten, aber verboten.


Children are always addressed as "du/ihr"; "Sie" is not appropriate here. Correct is "Kinder, warum blutet ihr?"


What has duo been doing to these children!?


What the heck... o_O


why would Kinder, warum blutest du? be wrong? Write this in German Children , why are you bleeding ? Kinder warum blutest du Correct solution: Kinder, warum blutet ihr? Discuss (24)


Kinder, warum blutest du? would be wrong because Kinder is a plural noun, and du is singular. To make it correct, you either have to make the noun singular:

Kind, warum blutest du? -- Child, why are you bleeding

Or make the verb plural:

Kinder, warum blutet ihr. -- children, why are you bleeding.


Plural, really?

[deactivated user]

    This, and other sentences in this topic are always the same when I want to skip a level. I don't get harder material, they're always the same and I am on level 6.


    What is the difference between Kinder and Kindern?


    "Kindern" is the dative form. Plural nouns always add an "-n" at the end when they're in the dative (with the exception of plurals ending in "-s").


    Weil die Katze underr Hande gefressen hat!


    It might he better to say "Kinder, wieso blutet ihr."

    It seems to me that "warum" asks for a purpose, while "wieso" (literally "how so") asks for a cause.

    "For what purpose did you make yourself bleed?" vs "What caused you to bleed?"

    Is that remotely close to being right?


    Why using singular "ihr" to address plural "children"? I am so confused.


    Ihr is the plural of du (it is also 'her' singular) [Thank you, German Language, for confusing us by using the same word to mean several different things]

    Ich bin -- I am

    Du bist -- you are (singular familiar -- to someone well known to you/friend/family member or a child)

    Er/sie/es ist -- he/she/it is -- singular

    Sie sind -- You are (plural/singular formal -- used for an adult you don't know well, or several of them)

    Ihr seid -- you are (plural familiar -- used to speak with more than one person who is close, like family members or friends, or to speak with children)

    sie sind -- they are.

    So 'ihr' is used in this case as the plural familiar -- which you would use with multiple children.


    Warum blutest du? And that's wrong?!

    Kinder = plural?


    Yes, Kinder is children. Kind is child. So, if you had a single child it would be:

    Kind, warum blutest du? --> Child, why are you bleeding?

    But in this example we have children, not child. Thus we must use the plural, ihr.

    Kinder (pl), warum blutet ihr (pl)?


    Kinder, Warum bluten Sie What's wrong with this translation??


    Children are always addressed as "du/ihr," not "Sie." So you need "warum blutet ihr?"

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