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Icelandic from Zero: Lesson #5

Previous lesson: Lesson #4, Basic nouns and articles

Older lessons :Lesson #1, The Alphabet, Lesson #2, Personal pronouns, Lesson #3, To be

I know I have already posted a lesson today, but I wanted to fit one more in because I may not be able to bring you one tomorrow (for personal reasons). Don't worry though, this is more of a mini lesson! The topic: the many ways of saying hello.

Hæ!=Hey/hi! (informal)

Hæ, hæ!=Hey hey (Friendly, common infromal term)

Halló=Hello (Very general term, acceptable in almost all cases)

Halló allir!=Hello everyone!

Sæll=Hey (To a man, informal, lit.Happy in old Norse)

Sæl=Hey (To a woman, informal, lit.Happy in old Norse)

Blessaður=Hello(Lit.Blessed. To a man)

Blessuð=Hello (Lit.Blessed. To a woman)

Sæll og blessaður=Hello (Lit. Happy and blessed, To a man)

Sæl og blessuð=Hello (Lit. Happy and blessed, To a woman)

Komdu blessaður=Hello (Lit. Come blessed, To a man)

Komdu blessuð=Hello (Lit. Come blessed, To a woman)

Komdu sæll=Hello (Lit. Come happy, To a man)

Komdu sæl=Hello (Lit. Come happy, To a woman)

Komdu sæll og blessaður=Hello (Lit. Come happy and blessed, To a man)

Komdu sæl og blessuð=Hello (Lit. Come happy and blessed, To a woman)

Also, when talking to groups of people comprised of only one gender, change sæl/sæll to sælir/sælar and blessaður/blessuð to blessaðir/blessaðar respectively depending if they are male or female.

I know that was pretty complicated, but don't worry! Just use Halló or Hæ! and you'll be just fine.

As a bonus, here are some pictures of where I grew up in Iceland (Kópavogur). I left Iceland when I was 8 and have only been back once.

Memrise course created by @Woof.: click here

I am still in the process of creating a "repository post" as suggested by @OmegaGmaster.

January 4, 2018



Not long after I was married, we got tricked into a timeshare presentation. The lady from the timeshare place was talking about how they had timeshares all over the world and asked were we to travel abroad, to what country would we want to go? I said Iceland and it wasn't in her book. "Maybe it's in Central Europe." she said, brushing the issue aside. No, timeshare lady. Iceland is not in central Europe.


Iceland is probably the closest name of a country to "island". I wonder where she thinks Greenland is in?


The name of the country in Icelandic is... Island!

I think there's an accent in there somewhere but am not sure.


The accent is in the I like this: Ísland.


Thanks Again for the Lessons! I'm really enjoying them.
Also, nice pictures, Iceland looks like a really nice place to live.


That is one of my go to vaca spot for when I get older now I’m so interested in the language


Me too! , I'm interested in everything about Iceland, the language, the culture, landscapes, traditions, etc.


2 lessons in one day??? Takk!!!


I died of happiness when I saw another lesson in one day.

Thank you so much! :)


Thank you for another lesson Freyja2112 :)


That is cool very informing love the pictures


Wow! Iceland looks really different than what I expected. Thanks for the lessons!


These are amazing! With luck, we may be able to get an Icelandic course up and running soon using these and just transferring and adding sentences!


I LOVE those photos is that a picture near where you live!?


Read what she posted above the pictures:

"As a bonus, here are some pictures of where I grew up in Iceland (Kópavogur). I left Iceland when I was 8 and have only been back once."


your kinda making me wanna move from florida and up to Icelandic! Is it all ways cold up there?


Iceland, not Icelandic. Icelandic is the language spoken in Iceland, Iceland is the place where Icelandic is spoken, and where the OP lived until she was eight.

"Is it all ways cold up there?"

"...Iceland is actually quite warm. Wintertime on average is warmer in Iceland than both the Eastern coast of the U.S and also warmer than Northern Europe. Unless there are heavy winds, which often rage, the weather here is quite lovely for deep winter. In the lowlands it very seldom goes below zero degrees Celsius. More often it hoovers between 0 and 4 degrees. However, this changes rapidly if you venture high in this country. Temperature at Thingvellir can reach minus 20 in a heartbeat and often present wind chill factor easily turns that into 30 minus."

"In summertime, Iceland has fantastic weather in our view. Never so warm you´ll start to sweat but also never too cold for a nice picnic or a camping trip."

Source: http://totaliceland.com/how-cold-is-it-really-in-iceland/

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