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I absolutely love the French Stories! Thx Duo!

January 4, 2018



I think they are great also. I am hoping for more. I would also hope that they come up with more pure listening skills as for the most part, I seem to be able to handle the written version rather well. I need more listening and speaking skills and right now I have to go outside of Duolingo for that.


Oui, c'est le premier fois que je fait les histoires. Je pense qu'ils sont un bon activite pour moi.

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J'aime les histoires aussi ! If you click on the icon to repeat what the speaker is saying, you can hear it again. On the third click, it will be much slower, and easier to understand. I found these stories interesting, humerous, and I hope there will be more dialogs like these to practice my listening and comprehension skills!


Moi aussi. They're a little too complex for my level.


I like them, too. I am just starting out reviewing French that I studied many, many years ago in high school, but I am surprised at how much I still remember. More than I thought. It's especially apparent when I do the stories. I think they are great.


Hello. I'm French and I need speak English. If you want write in French, I help you. What's French stories do you like? (Thank you for correct my very bad english ;) )


Je peux ecrire en francais pour toi. Votre anglais n'est pas mauvais. C'est tres difficile d'apprendre une autre langage.


I love them too BUT I just got an email saying there were NEW stories and when I clicked the link, there was only old stories I've already read. Are there really NEW STORIES? If so how do I find them, since they don't show under my story tab?

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