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Swahili Audio

Why doesnt the swahili course have any audio? They said it was done. There is no audio. Why?

January 4, 2018



They had it ready to add then didn't or couldn't and seem to have given up. There are thousands of users left waiting and have no idea what is going on. No explanations have been given.

Either there is a technical issue that takes months to resolve, Duolingo just doesn't consider it a high priority or they have decided that courses without audio now pass as complete.


or they have decided that courses without audio now pass as complete

Letting High Valyrian out of beta while this condition yet obtained seems pretty strong evidence in this direction :(


Staff, for unknown reasons, simply haven't added it yet.


I gave up a long time ago :(


If they aren't providing a sound explanation, I guess they have no excuse. It's pretty lame, imo.


You don't need the audio. There are other sources to learn to understand Swahili and the pronunciation is not really difficult, though there is a very large variety. I recommend to use other sources next to this course.


What nonsense. I suppose that's true for all of the languages the make available here, yet, they have audio. So typical.

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