"He liked my comment."

Translation:Il a aimé mon commentaire.

January 4, 2018

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Did anyone else try the social-media verb "liker"? XD

Il a liké mon commentaire

I tried it out just to see if it would be accepted, and it wasn't.


"Mon commentaire lui a plaît" wasn't accepted. I guess my translation is wrong. Can anyone confirm if and how this sentence could be stated with the verb "plaire"?


You have used the 3rd person present indicative of plaire - plaît.

If you are trying to say "My comment pleased him" then you would need the past participle of plaire which is "plu".

I believe the sentence would be "Mon commentaire lui a plu. " but it would be nice to have it confirmed by a native Francophone.

I also cannot comment on whether it would be an accepted answer even if I do have the French grammar correct.


Would commentaire not mean commentary? I used "remarque" and it was marked wrong???

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