"He liked my comment."

Translation:Il a aimé mon commentaire.

January 4, 2018



Did anyone else try the social-media verb "liker"? XD

Il a liké mon commentaire

I tried it out just to see if it would be accepted, and it wasn't.

February 19, 2018


"Mon commentaire lui a plaît" wasn't accepted. I guess my translation is wrong. Can anyone confirm if and how this sentence could be stated with the verb "plaire"?

July 12, 2018


You have used the 3rd person present indicative of plaire - plaît.

If you are trying to say "My comment pleased him" then you would need the past participle of plaire which is "plu".

I believe the sentence would be "Mon commentaire lui a plu. " but it would be nice to have it confirmed by a native Francophone.

I also cannot comment on whether it would be an accepted answer even if I do have the French grammar correct.

July 13, 2018


Would commentaire not mean commentary? I used "remarque" and it was marked wrong???

March 3, 2019
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