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  5. "Quanti caffè bevi?"

"Quanti caffè bevi?"

Translation:How many coffees do you drink?

March 17, 2013



How do you distinguish "How many coffees..." from "How much coffee..."?


"Quanto caffè" = how much coffee

"Quanti caffè" = how many coffees


is the plural of caffè: caffè?


You've given me my answer without my asking the question...thanks!


I believe that the plural form remains unchanged whenever the last letter has an accent mark. For example, la università - le università


Yes because these words are "parole troncate" & these word's end never changes in plural. Just the la changes to le for instanse: la città > le città.


Caffè, città o università non solo parole troncate (which are the whole word then?) https://www.dizy.com/it/lista/5310765397442560

[deactivated user]

    The plural is on "Quanti" i for plural, "Quanto" for singular


    This was very helpful thank you. I will follow you.


    It depends of the article.


    Except for the inconvenient fact that in this case Duolingo translates "Quanti caffè..." as "How much coffee..."


    I just used "How much coffee" and it marked it wrong, so I guess they "fixed" it...? [sigh]


    I just tried "how much" and it worked. Is there a rule here that I'm missing?


    I think that the rule here is that Duolingo is sometimes generous.


    Like once in a lifetime!


    Confusing; maybe it's because in English we don't normally say, "How many coffees do you drink". Instead, we say, "How much coffee do you drink?"


    My problem too. I fully understand the Italian single vs plural but in England we always say 'how many coffee' have you had today etc. It's a cultural thing.


    Agreed. Some people have pointed out cases where "coffees" would be used... but not in the context of this sentence that Duolingo wants us to translate. And non-standard usage like that is a great way to confuse learners. Coffee in itself is uncountable in English, and it should be so here.


    I don't see the reason for such a foul, mocking attitude, Dalingo8. The context of the sentence is relatively clear, because the most common and reasonable way you would use "coffees" in English is if you were talking about multiple types of coffees....However, if a native speaker were doing that, they would NEVER say "How many coffees do you drink?" instead of "How many kinds/types of coffees do you drink?" or simply "What (kinds of) coffees do you drink?" I studied linguistics, I'm trying to help and form reasonable criticism of the sentence. Come back to me when you have actual arguments and interpretations, not just snarky, but inept comments.


    Oh, it seems you know the context of this sentence. Than share it with the rest of us, we are all eager to know!


    I don't see why this offended you Roland. You "knew" some information that the rest of us didn't know (or at least you claimed you do), so I wanted you to share it with the rest.


    My mistake then, I took your comment to be sarcastic.


    This has to do with the difference between the languages. In English, coffee is often treated as non-numeric, as in "how much coffee", just as in "how much meat", and duoLingo is making concession to the English usage for the English translation.


    No, this phrase is not about wholesale coffee (non-numeric in English) but about cups of coffee, which is numeric.


    maybe that's their intent, but it's not clear enough because in english 'coffee' is also a collective noun (since it's a liquid).


    I just tried how much and Im marked wrong... in English we always ask "how much coffee do you drink", never how many. If we were to say how many, we would say, "how many cups of coffee do you drink"


    Quite a few rules missing on duo, good programme but a lot of blind leading the blind


    Makes sense. Eg: Ragazz(i) plural Ragazz(o) singular.

    This is how I remember this stuff. Might be helpful to some


    I'm I the only one here who noticed that "coffees" isn't a word. For both of these it would just be "How much coffee have you had". I understand the translation is probably to make it easier to understand the differences, however, in English "How many coffees" is just incorrect. It is grating when I try to answer and I get marked off because the answer I put is correct(grammatically) but it wants me to throw everything I know about English away and say COFFEES! It's not coffees! I don't know why I care so much about this but it has been getting under my skin for MONTHS now. It's like if I said "waters" or "milks" or "wines". It just isn't correct and it is one of the most aggravating things I have encountered recently. Sorry for being so long, I'm just very passionate about this.


    It's good that you are passionate for language, but are you passionate enough? Have you tried to find the word Coffees in an official Oxford Dictionary, or somewhere similar, or do you just think that the word coffees doesn't exist, because you have never heard of it?

    I don't mean to be harsh, but you say this is getting under your skin for months, so what is your proof that this word doesn't exist? Thanks in advance for the answer.


    That is a valid response. When I say coffees isn't a word, I understand it is a word. I do have the knowledge that coffees is in fact a word. When I say coffees isn't a word a simply mean that no one uses the word, and there should be a mass murder of all those who use it. Coffees is just wrong, maybe it's my region, maybe it's my upbringing, but I have never in my life heard the word coffees uttered from a single mouth in a normal conversation.

    -Note: This is a joke, please don't take the mass murder part seriously. If you say coffees that's fine, I have nothing against you. This is just me applying, what I think to be, humor to my response. Dalingo8 I know it's word however, I've never heard people say it outside of context similar to this.


    Hey TTP, I'm glad you thought about this. So lets conclude: "How much coffees..." is wrong, and illogical. But "How many coffees..." - even though is unusuall, it is not wrong. So however it sounds, the word "coffees" in right content is a valid word.

    P.S. You, or anyone else doesn't have to use it, just don't do anything massive with the people who use it :)


    When someone who's 1st language isn't English says how much or how many, It doesn't matter. I still know what they are saying. Eventually they will get it right. Meanwhile, don't work in a caffè


    I ain't makin' any promises!


    Joke understood :-) The other part I have a different experience with than you. I have often heard one person asking a table of friends or relatives, "How many coffees do we want?" "How many teas?" Or some similar wording. I'm U.S. Pacific Northwest, so you could be right- it May be a regional thing.


    yeah I'm in norther CO so it might be


    I had the same problem


    i never heard in English "coffees'...


    You could say to a waiter or the person behind the counter: "We will have two coffees, please."

    Meaning--two cups of coffee.


    I have. We say it all the time in pa. eg: I need two coffees


    Imagine you are meeting your friend at Starbucks. They order their 3rd Grande. You could say, "How many coffees are you going to have, OMG?!" or, "You could have ordered a Venti instead of buying several small coffees."

    The coffee is being ordered in (and discussed as) individual units, not the mass noun form.


    But not if we avoid Yankee Starbucks and order our coffees in an Italian cafe.


    Oh crud. Please don't blame All the Yankees just because some don't know what Good coffee is. Some of us actually drink "Espresso Vivace" at least he learned his craft in Italy. :-)


    In reality, in English we would just say, "How many are you going to drink"(with nose wrinkled and head shaking in dismay)


    Unquantified object. Just like sugar :)


    Not necessarily, it is often used as a countable noun, in the sense of "a cup of coffee, two cups of coffee". Same counts for water (less frequently) and tea etcetera.


    I responded with "How much coffee do you drink?" and it marked it correct. I would not ask how many coffees do you drink, but either how many coffees have you drunk or will you drink (if it was a questionnaire, I might ask how many coffees might you drink in a day/week etc)


    I have multiple, different roasts at home. I've been asked literally, "how many coffees do you drink?" To reference the different kinds of coffees.


    That was my answer, too, and it was marked wrong.


    Hmmm, I just tried it and it was marked correct. Did you type it wrong?


    how would you say "how many drink coffee?"


    I'm guessing "Quanti bevono caffè?" -- can anyone correct or verify?


    Ohhhh okay so caffè is the same in both singular and plural, so the use of quanto or quanti shows you which it is. "QUANTO caffè bevi?" => "how much (of one) coffee do you drink?" and "QUANTI caffè bevi?" => "how many (multiples of) coffee do you drink?"


    because you seem over-caffeinated.


    at least two cups a day


    A cup of coffee (countable) coffee is a beverage so is uncountable I learned it!.


    That is absolutely right. That is why the translation, as given, is stupid.

    But "coffees" is often used informally to refer to "cups of coffee."

    To the waiter: "We will have two coffees, please. One for me and one for my wife."

    One could also ask someone, "How many coffees do you drink in the morning?" rather than "How many cups of coffee do you drink in the morning?"
    This is a colloquialism, but it is very common.

    That is why, as I keep insisting, context matters in the translation.


    Same in Italian, as I understand it:

    Due caffè, per favore.

    No one ever answered the question: How do you make caffè plural? I don't think you do. It is the same singular or plural, I think. But this sentence/lesson and the given translation make all that very confusing.


    I ask my mom this all the time


    Since "coffee" is uncountable, and "un caffè" usually means a CUP OF coffee, I don't see why the weird use of "coffees" is correct, or more correct, than "cups of coffee" .

    When pluralized, my first thought is "The coffees of the world", ....the different kinds of coffee, again because coffee alone, like water, or milk, is uncountable.


    Yes,my answer is How many cups of coffee...


    All kinds of coffee; not "all of the coffees"


    Could the English translation also be "How much coffee do you drink?"


    how do you distinguish past from present with this i put "how much coffee did you drink" but got it wrong because the correct answer is "how much coffee do you drink"


    The ending of the verb (in this case, bevere, in the form bevi) tells us who does an action and when he or she does it. Look up an Italian verb conjugation chart and memorize the endings for verbs -- with practice they will become second nature. But for now, just stick with the simple present tense.


    For me, I am working my way from the first lesson without skipping around. At tbis point, we have not reached past tense so I assume all verbs are still present tense. I think If I stay on course, I will reach past tense


    It sounds like they're saying "want a fat baby?"


    DL allows "How much coffee do you drink?" now. (July 24, 2018)


    Not any more... Nov 13, 2018


    Quanti caffè bevi? : How many cups of coffee do you drink?

    Quanto caffè bevi? How much coffee (quantity) do you drink?


    The answer to this question in English really is asking "How much coffee do you drink?" I know of no one who would ask me how many coffees I drink today.


    In English people say How much coffee do you drink. The word 'cups of' us understood. Or could say how many cups of coffee. In UK 'how many coffees' is not fluent English


    Why not "How much coffee do you drink"?


    No plural for coffee


    Coffee is uncountable.


    It is, if we're talking about a single kind of coffee, but if we're talking about different types of coffees... think about that.


    At least 100 cups a month...XD


    How many cups of coffee... coffee is an uncountable noun then how much is the right question


    Could "caffè" in this instance be translated as "cups of coffee" as in "How many cups of coffee do you drink?"


    Why cant it be "how many coffees have u drink?"


    "Have" would make it past tense, I believe, and then it would be more proper to say "drunk", to match tense... but I'm no English major so I'm not completely sure.


    You are right, have + 3rd form of verb, so drunk is right, which we use in present perfect tense


    The past tense of "drink" is actually "drank", to use "drunk" is slang, unless you're talking about BEING drunk :p


    "Drank" is the simple past tense. "Drunk" is the past participle used with "have". So "I drank" but "I have drunk".


    Not true. "I have drunk a gallon of coffee today." is perfectly correct English. "I drank a gallon of coffee with breakfast." Is also perfectly acceptable ( if somewhat excessive!


    As the people above me have explained already, drank is the past simple form, and drunk is the past participle to make perfect forms, such as the present perfect: I have drunk. The names for these verb tenses come in quite handy, you should google it.


    Hey! I was "teached": drink, drank, drunk. So the more I have drunk, the more the drunk I am is drunk. Cause I'm no fish!


    Why won't it accept my pronunciation? I know I did it right.


    I used "coffees" because "coffee" was not present as a choice. This question needs revising Duolingo!


    It's wierd how so little words can translate to so many words.


    Sounds like "Quanti caffé beve?"


    Oh, Italians and their caffè...


    At least in the american way, they don't use "COFFEE" in the plural, so we have to use "HOW MUCH"


    Literally heard "Quanti cappelli" instead of "Quanti caffe bevi" not gonna lie...


    So "Quanto" is both masculine and feminine


    Cannot understand why it must be "coffees." The sentence is not discussing cups or beans.


    Assassinating the English language


    The more people speak a language, the more it is assaulted, invaded, stormed, assailled, raped. & Beat....en.


    how do you know wheter she is saying "beve" and "bevi" thats usually how i het these wrong


    Nope... No chance. Didn't even have a moment of realisation after I got it wrong... I don't understand how it specifically means that. :/


    So Quantity is just how much in Italian. Interesting..


    I do not understand why it is 'quante ragazze' sono nello zoo? but 'quanti caffe' bevi when both children and coffees are plural. What is the difference between quante and quanti if they both relate to the plural?


    Thank you. There are so many elements to consider when learning your 'first' second language.


    On second thought, unless you're referring to how many you drink per day or in a certain time frame.


    The difference between quanto, quante, quanti?


    Coffee in english is an uncountable noun. What the what


    the speech is so lackadaisical you can't make out what's being said.


    "lackadaisical" really? What? WHO? English? Italian? You? Yours? ;)


    What is the rule? What's the difference between quanti-quanto-quante?


    Hi, the difference is

    Quanto - How much (used for singular male)

    Quanta - How much (used for singular female)

    Quanti - How many (used for male plural)

    Quante - How many (used for female plural)


    Simply and clearly laid out and always good to be reminded of. Thanks.


    is there a difference between 'quante' and 'quanti'?


    'Quante' is used for female plural and 'Quanti' is used for male plural


    How one can distinguish whether a word like "caffe" is feminine or masculine in order to use the correct form "quante" or "quanti", respectively ?


    one can tell because of the article ' il caffè' meaning it's male


    "How much coffee do you drink?" - accepted


    I also don't drink coffee.


    How much coffee do you drink?


    This is one of these situations where it is difficult to know whether to translate very literally - and possibly make it sound somewhat unnatural, or whether to translate the (suspected) meaning of the sentence (with no context to help). I think that "how much coffee" should be accepted for this sentence, even if quant-i- is showing plural. In many(most?) instances the intended meaning would be conveyed. Unless it was one of many of the exceptive examples listed below.


    how much COFFEES does not exist in english. this is wrong! coffee is singular and plural. the way to distinguish it is by applying how many cups of coffee you drink. therefore there should not be qualified as wrong when I translate quanti caffe bevi as how many "coffees" do you drink


    'How much coffee do you drink' is the correct. We can add How many cups of coffee do you drink. Coffee itself is not countable such as other liquids like water or juice so we use how much. As soon as we put the liquid into something we can use How many bottles, cups, jars, bowls, buckets, glasses of milk do you drink.


    Americans don't drink "coffees" (except when the discussion is about types.) They either drink "a little coffee" or "a lot of coffee". Or they may drink X cups of coffee.


    If you would ask someone how much coffee did he drink yesterday, it would be "a little", "a lot", "enough"... But if we're talking about different types e.g. brazilian, colombian... than it would be coffees, wouldn't be?


    In english "How much coffee" and "How many coffees" means the same thing and should both be accepted. Coffee, being a liquid, is a collective noun. So using the singular is absolutely correct.


    "How many coffees" i s actually very bad English. The correct sentence should be "How many cups of coffee


    Not again... Every time someone new comes here that doesn't read the explanations - he thinks this is bad English and has to post it. Well guess what Naasei - this is normal English. You can translate this with "How much coffee... or with " How many coffees..." - both translations are correct and accepted, BUT they don't mean the same thing! They are used it two different situations. The first is everyday speech, and the other is not so common, but still it is a perfect English, ok?


    It's not VERY bad English, it's just a 'shortening' like it's. Bad English would be "How much coffees" and very bad English would be "How many of them there coffee"


    You are talking of contraction.. Which is totally different . The example you give "it's" is a contraction of "it is" or " it has". I am not sure how you compare a contraction with the error in that particular statement as coffee is an uncountable noun. It has no article, so in proper English, 'how many coffees" is totally wrong!


    I've Never Heard The Word "Coffees" Being Used, In What Situation Would This Be Used, I Guess In A Restaurant? If You're Ordering Multiple Cups Of Coffee?


    3/21/19. DL took "How many cups of coffee do you drink"


    D.L. took " How many cups of coffee do you drink" on 3-21-19


    First time I've heard of plural coffee ! Why is, "How much coffee do you drink" wrong?


    We don't know. Probably because DL is American.


    The reason "how much" is marked wrong is because they use the plural "quanti" and not the singular "quanto." Quanto/a is "how much" and "quanti/e" is "how many." Because of this distinction, that makes "caffè" plural in this sentence, meaning coffees. This thread is full of debate as to whether "coffees" can be used in English, but overall there are certain situations where it does fit and I've used the word myself ("Deliver three coffees to that table, please.")

    That said, a few other recent comments (from March 2019) are saying that they now accept "How many cups of coffee" (with "cups of" being implied).


    The difference between "how much" and "how many" is whether there is a countable and uncountable noun. Note that English and Italian have different countable/uncountable nouns (information: informazioni), so you kinda have to look at it on a case to case basis, not as a "Quanto= how much, quanti=how many" general rule.


    Guys you are doing an excellent job here...but I can't stop complaining..about using Correct English... coffee is a uncountable noun..ok?


    'An' uncountable noun


    "The limit does not exist...the limit does not exist!"


    ALL the coffees!!


    this is ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


    Has coffee plural in English language?


    Yes. The simplest plural is "coffees", but you will often see phrasal plurals used instead.

    For example

    • I had many servings of coffee.

    • Of all the different kinds of coffee, I prefer the more familiar.


    It should be: how much coffee do you drink?


    On 3-21-19 DL took "How many cups of caffè do you drink" as also correct.


    Too much duo, entirely too much coffee


    I do believe the sentence meant "cups of coffee".


    Hate some question


    Why isn't it "quanti bevi caffe" ?


    Americans would not say "How many coffees do you drink?" It would be either "how much coffee" or "how many cups of coffee"? the literal translation is not correct usage of American English


    How much coffee do you drink should be accepted too.


    How much coffee? (Again)


    It'is not correct in english


    How much coffee do you drink?


    Around 30 cups a day


    How many coffees?????


    Cofees is not a word


    One may mention here that the Italian word 'caffè' designates not the same beverage as the English 'coffee'.


    How so? Come dice


    It sounds like "Quanti caffe vin"


    Actually it's totally wrong


    In Italy is costumary to say how many coffees do you drink or how many coffees do you want? It doesn't seem to make sense in english. Drinking 4 cups of coffee is not the same as ordering 4 cups of coffee.

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