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New Tinycards Format (January 2018)

There appears to be a new Tinycards format today, and it looks like a step in the right direction.

January 5, 2018



Could you provide some screenshots? I don't see any changes.

Edit: The drawing feature Maughanster_ mentioned is not new. I've seen it before. The only noticable change (barely) is that the "Cards" and "Lessons" tabs are flipped.

(tested on my sister's account)

However I am still unable to use the website to develop TinyCards decks as several features (such as uploading images, confirming an action) are unusable, since all they do is gray my screen and present either a tiny box to perform the action or none at all. Therefore this new "update" is useless to me.

Edit: More screenshots of the brokenness of the website:

(opened drawing option)

(scrolled down and tried drawing, then scrolled back up)


The drawing feature is new for me, I just made a Tinycards deck yesterday, and it wasn't there, but today when I edited it with suggestions from a user, it popped up. I also noticed the card and lesson tabs were switched.


I'm looking through the A/B test JSON data and apparently drawing is one of them. I looked at both my account and my sister's account and neither of them are enabled, yet I can still access the feature.

I also noticed a test "tinycards_ios_allow_card_reporting." I can't tell if this is a glitched test like the drawing test, but if it's not, I genuinely hope it's an actual reporting system that allows users to report mistakes within the app. If that's the case, I don't even know why this is a test. It needs to be added for everyone immediately.


I see nothing different. An A-B test?


Care to go a bit more into detail? I see no changes (A/B test?). I think Tinycards has a lot of room for improvement thus I hope it's improvements to the mechanics.


Is it the new drawing feature that I can see? If so, I agree!


Oh that explains why my decks default to the Cards and not the Lessons tab. I prefer the older way and I hope they will add a setting to let us decide since I don't want to be reminded of the words that are in my decks before I practice them.

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