I've been at 71% for weeks. Doesn't seem to matter how much time I put in. Any suggestions? Am I just making too many errors?

January 5, 2018


71% is very, very high. Duolingo doesn't teach 100% of any language. You should be super proud of your 71%!!

Yes, I suggest you work with podcasts. Listen to them, translate them, etc. Here are my two favorites:

That's over 200 podcasts, around ten minutes each, with transcripts. After L'Avis #108, and all of Balades podcasts, there is an autocue feature, so when you click the text, the MP3 starts there. You can repeat phrases over and over, until you have them down.

thats amazing i think you should be proud of it I am only at 21% so i would say you are doing awesome

Aw shucks. Keep up the good work!

C'est pas un problem, ce système de pourcentage n'est pas prècis quand-même. Tant que tu apprends des nouvelles choses, n'inquietes pas.

I feel the same with my 68%. Dommage.

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