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Why did you pick your language?

Right now, I'm learning Japanese. I'm really enjoying it. It is more difficult then others that I've studied. I like the challenge. Plus, the writing system is very pretty. I hope to go on vacation to Japan in a couple of years.

January 5, 2018



I had to take a foreign language in high school. Our only choices were French and Spanish. Everyone wanted to take French, so the line for Spanish was really short. So I chose Spanish.

Once my Spanish was pretty good, it got harder to progress. Lots and lots of effort for very little visible payoff. I had always loved the sound of French, and it's spoken in many countries, so I did the "French for Spanish speakers" course.

If I ever get comfortable with French, Czech is next because OMG HAVE YOU SEEN PICTURES OF PRAGUE???? Plus you can get anywhere by train from Prague. I would love to live there for a year or two.


Years ago, I lived in Prague for about six months or so, and I must admit that it was a beautiful city :)

Hope you someday are able to learn Czech!


Prague is a beautiful city. I definitely want to go there someday. It would be fun to try learning Czech.


I have seen pictures it's BEAUTIFUL!, wow you seem like a traveler, are you? Well I had to pick too, from Spanish and French but i like Spanish better.


I'm learning Turkish because... Have you ever heard Turkish music?! It's wonderful! Adamlar (and, well, Halimden Konan Anlar), Son Feci Bisiklet, Kalben, Can Bonomo, Redd, Model, Gece, Kaç Canım Kalmış, Rehber, Beyaz Hayvanlar, Duman, Teoman, Yüzyüzeyken Konuşuruz... And I could be here all day adding names to the list!


I don't think that I have ever listened to Turkish music. I will go listen to some music. Thanks for the suggestion.


I find other languages just fascinating.

I chose Irish, because Duolingo was the first program I found that offered a full learning course and I have always wanted to learn Irish. Not just a few phrases or words.

And there is family ancestry there. also with Welsh and I love the Celtic languages. I am learning Cornish (Kernewek) on another program.

Hebrew and Greek because their alphabets are so different, and it has been fun to learn. I have actually been learning Hebrew the longest. I just reset my tree, to start from the beginning. It has been nice learning Hebrew on Duo, because it involves different vocabulary than Rosetta Stone. And AI learned a lot from Rosetta Stone. And I bought it just before they started the online expansion of the learning process.

French and Italian because they are beautiful sounding languages. And pretty similar too, at least written,

German, because I wanted to see what the language was like, it was a choice between German and Russian.


I considered learning Greek because it is a challenge as well. Greece is beautiful country with a fascinating history. I would loved to visit there someday.


I picked mine because all of my parents side speaks Spanish and my other parents side speaks Vietnamese so I wanted to learn some words or sentences of those languages and I wanted to see if I could learn French as a challlege.


That is a nice way to connect with your family.


A few years ago, I learned that Esperanto was a constructed language, which always struck me as fascinating. I was planning on learning it, but never really had the opportunity, but started learning it with Duolingo. Now, I'm able to read more basic texts in Esperanto and can hold a small conversation in it.

My grandparents were from Sweden, and my grandfather uses to travel to Stockholm every so often. I've also always loved how Swedish sounds like a song to me. I've loved the country of Sweden itself, so I decided to learn Swedish on Duolingo, and am now able to read easier books in Swedish.

Irish is a very complicated language, but I absolutely love it! The spelling of Irish words is something I've loved, and I'm learning it because it's an endangered language, and have hopes of helping increasing its number of speakers!

Next up, I'm planning to work on French, Spanish and Italian at once, which might be a bit tricky for me. I've never actually loved French that much, but a lot of people in my town speak it, and it would be great to be able to converse with them. I've always loved the architecture in France, so if I visit someday, it would be helpful to know some French.

Shockingly, I don't really appreciate the way Spanish sounds to me, but it's a useful language to know. And as for Italian, I've always wanted to go to Italy.

Thanks for asking! :)


I'm Irish so it would be nice to learn the language of my ancestors. I also like the idea of learning an endangered language.


Learned Spanish because it's useful. Learning French mostly because I wanted to try out the French for Spanish speakers course (like the Mod here also did) and now I somewhat appreciate the language. Learning Italian because I'm Italian and knew it when I was younger but ultimately forgot a lot of my knowledge.


Italian is a lovely language. I have been to Italy a couple of times. Beautiful art, interesting history and wonderful food.


Spanish because of the large number of countries that speak it, more then any other language. Lots of places to visit and live if I so choose, also has its uses in the U.S.


I picked mine because I just love the places sites that speak their language .And I might move to a place that speaks the language's I am learning.So I really enjoy the journey through the new sentences, and the new words.


Spanish I wouldn’t have chosen on my own, I had to learn it for school. It’s basically the only language I was obligated to learn. The first day it was kind of a love at first sight situation. Since then I’ve been choosing languages for the love of them. It’s sometimes hard to really pinpoint the why.


My main focus right now is Norwegian. I picked Norwegian because back in May 2015 (I think) it was just released and I was like "I'm gonna try the Norwegian tree" and I loved it! Had a hiatus from Duolingo and came back to review Norwegian after watching Skam. Learned about Norway, its culture and everything and I finally have a more valid reason to learn Norwegian (instead of just "because there's a course"). :D

As for my 3 other languages (which I don't really focus on anymore), I did Spanish because of where I am from, Dutch because of FIFA World Cup back in 2014 (I'm not even into football, just thought Robin van Persie was a cool guy) and I really like the Netherlands, and Esperanto because it seems fascinating to me.


French - Because there are some places in the USA that speak it, and it's a lovely language!

Spanish - For survival sake. I'm not interested in speaking it or going to any Spanish speaking countries. I just need to know how to read it.

German - Because I have German speaking characters in my stories, so it wouldn't hurt to know what I'm saying and grammar.

Italian - Because someone I met while traveling insisted I learn it.

I'm going to try to pick back up on Japanese, because I love anime and manga. I've lost interest in wanting to visit, though. Japanese is a recent addition to Dou, but there are a lot of sites and ways to learn Japanese.


I had to learn English, German and French at school. On Duolingo, I am brushing up these languages because of ......

  • my professional literature is mostly written in English and German, rather than in my mother tongue (Dutch)
  • holidays in England, USA, Germany, France and other countries in Europe
  • watching English and German broadcasters
  • it is very interesting to read about the news in the world in more languages, in order to get a more objective point of view of the news
  • Germany, England and Belgium are the neighbour countries of the Netherlands.


I initially came on to practise my incredibly rusty French, but got quickly bored with the language. I'd always heard that Spanish was really easy, so I decided to test the theory and see how much I could understand. It turned out not a lot, but I really liked the language, and stuck with it. Suffice it to say that I'm very glad that I did, and am now high C1 to low C2.

Ukrainian was next, for family reasons, but the course on here is awful, so many errors. I'm taking a break from it on here because I physically cannot stomach the course any longer. Hopefully I'll come back one day but I hate having to memorise the errors in the course in order to advance when I should be learning the language.

After that was Vietnamese, which also has a pretty awful course here, but I managed to complete it and now am trying to regold everything to get an achievement. I'm maybe A2 in Vietnamese overall, but understand almost nothing when spoken and have limited ability to speak. I'm practising on Memrise and also texting natives, but progress is snail-like, and I have a strong dislike for the course devs for leaving the Vietnamese course basically half done, and full of errors in the later sections.

I've recently started Japanese, and like the course so far, but I have a lot of bad experiences with user made Duolingo courses, I feel that I learn despite them rather than because of them, so I'll reserve judgement until I've done a decent amount of the tree.


Memrise is a good website. I go on it a lot to practice.

[deactivated user]

    The languages picked me!


    I was really into Japanese pop culture since I was in middle school and was lucky that my high school had a course. So I took Japanese (nine years) from 8th grade through high school and continued with it as my major in college. Also in college I had two minors in linguistics and Chinese (three years). I also took a German my last semester because I needed more credits and I have some German heritage and like Rammstein :P

    Fast forward to now, I'm currently working for a Japanese company (in America) and although I don't get to use it that much, I can still occasionally practice with my coworkers (or randomly pick up a conversation about hangovers...).

    With Duolingo, I enjoy being able to review and refresh my knowledge in Japanese and Chinese. German I'm enjoying being able to get further than that one semester. I mainly have Polish heritage so I want to learn that. I live in Texas so Spanish is very useful. And as for any others I pick up, I just find languages enjoyable to learn and eventually wish to travel to the various countries that speak them.

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