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  5. "It is the last fly."

"It is the last fly."

Translation:To je poslední moucha.

January 5, 2018



I'm still not sure when to use "to" and when to use "ono" for "it." Why "to" here instead of "ono?"


This is a reference for Czechs: http://nase-rec.ujc.cas.cz/archiv.php?art=5755 but you will probably need a textbook for foreigners. Aren't there some lecture notes when you click on the lesson?

From the link: "...obě zájmena mají ve výpovědi rozličné primární funkce, zájmeno ten prvotní funkci odkazovací, zájmeno on prvotní funkci zástupnou, a že jejich vzájemná zaměnitelnost je možná jen tehdy, jestliže se funkce obou zájmen druhotně stýkají.""

The two pronouns have different primary functions. "Ten" has a referring function and "on" has a substituting (representing) function.

(Please anyone correct my translation.)

So in "To je posledni moucha." the pronoun refers to the actual fly. In "(Ono) prší." the pronoun is a substitution, there is no actual "it" which is raining. There are however sentences where both are possible because both of the primary functions are usable.


Moucha is feminine. Am I correct in my assumption that 'to' isn't 'ta' because it's referring to something else besides the noun? If so, what is it referring to?

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