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A way of IMPROVING the "Words" tab for people learning German

Hi, I am making this post because I feel like some improvements could be made in the "words" tab at the top. This could also apply for some other languages but since I am only learning German I am not sure if it's been improved for the other languages. Anyways...

Every time you have learned a new word, it immediately goes into that tab and I like to think of it as a vocabulary list for all the words you know. One feature that could be added to the tab could be a button that can go through all the words that have lost strength over time. It would be really useful because then I don't have to do an entire level just to make that one word go back up to its full strength. Moreover, you could add a bit more details to the words, in German, for example, instead of putting up "Ei" put up the word "das Ei" so I know it's gender. You could also add a translated word of it and put it right next to the word.

I think a lot of people would find this as a nice feature by making it more of a vocabulary list which you can go through and improve the strength of the words you've learned that have lost its full strength by clicking that "button" I mentioned.

Thanks for reading this post and let me know if you think this is a good idea or not.

January 5, 2018



i think it is a really good idea


Most languages don't have a Words tab. I think TinyCards is largely intended to replace it, as a flashcard feature in Words not so different perhaps from what you're requesting was actually removed from it not so long ago.


Wow I never knew that. But my point is that, in German for example, it would be good to have the words tab improved by making it sort of like a vocabulary list of all the words you have learned where you have the german to english words in there and I could just print it out and go over the words I could forget the meaning of. Instead of having the german word where you put the mouse cursor over it to see the meaning. I would like to have a print out and it would be nice instead of having to make your own vocabulary list.


I don't know that there is much practical value in a printed-out vocab list to be honest. Far more useful are "pre-flashcardified" versions of the vocab, available on TinyCards or, I image, Memrise.


Ok, thanks for that piguy3 I'll try to use the pre-flashcardified version of the vocab, sounds good to me.

[deactivated user]

    The words list could use some improvements for sure... currently I barely use it. For German in particular it should include the article of the words for instance.

    But first I would like them to fix a couple things... such as the words missing and the last practiced/strenght algorithm which is completely broken. I mean, it's been 1 year since I've last practised words like Katze, sein, spielen, Freund and Straße? Really!?


    I agree, Nuno275251


    Thanks Violet144381


    Having gender next to nouns would be handy. On the plus side, I love the way you can get all the forms of a verb with just a couple of clicks.


    Yes, as Piguy 3 says, a system very similar to what you're suggesting used to exist, and was removed. Duolingo's algorithms focused on a learner's weakest words and the flashcards targeted them. It was highly effective, and far superior to Tinycards. The words section, is next to useless, especially as I'm unable to scroll down the list. Having said that, Duolingo is great, and I am appreciative of the team's work and efforts.

    [deactivated user]

      As much room as TinyCards has to improve, it's still way better than the previous flashcards included in the words page. That one was completely bare-bones.


      Superior to TinyCards b/c tied directly to the tree?

      My few forays into the flashcards didn't reveal any ability to identify where I might need to focus, but I only distinctly recall trying it for Portuguese, which wasn't a tree where the SRS system would have had a lot of information to work with.

      Why can't you scroll, do you know? I can but in practice don't (page far too long to make it worthwhile) and only navigate it via Control-f, since I usually visit with some specific word in mind.

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