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Any new news about when skills levels are available?

I am anxious for the skills levels. It will really skyrocket my motivation levels.

January 5, 2018



Its already available for me :/


They have been doing A/B testing and this feature worked well, so they will just expand it to others.


My question was more like: So how do I get it now as well?


I have it through the Android app

Edit: I can't reply you so ill answer here, I downloaded the app 2 weeks ago and the levels were already available


Did you sign up fairly recently, or was it added after you'd already started working on your trees?


My last impression about it was around the end of first quarter of the year. Some languages (especialy those with non alphabetical writing) may take longer, and there's always the risk of inexpected difficulties, technical or else. I can't wait either :) Happy New Year!


It is already available in the Android app, which is what I use (although I am a new learner). You can use the in addition to the web site and your progress (level, streak, Lingots) will pick up from where you last left it. However skill levels are not visible in the web site, and I am not sure if that is in the developers' plans. I assume you either do not have a mobile or do not use an Android device, CaK9x.


Yeah, it's supposed to be expanded to the website and iOS.

I believe even on Android the feature is only in testing, so not even all new users have it as yet, and many older ones don't.

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