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  5. "Your children?"

"Your children?"

Translation:Ihre Kinder?

January 5, 2018



Since no contest is given, this sentence could be translated as "Ihre Kinder?" (formal you); "Deine Kinder?" (familiar you); or "Eure Kinder?" (plural you).


When do we use ihre / eure /dein for "your" I confused...


What is the difference between the possessive pronouns "Ihr" and "Ihre?"


The difference here is singular versus plural:

  • Sind das Ihre Kinder, Herr Miller? - Are these your children, Mr. Miller?
  • Ist das Ihr Kind, Herr Miller? - Is this your child, Mr. Miller?

"Ihr" versus "Ihre" for singular words is also influenced by the word's gender:

  • Ist das Ihr Hund (masculine word), Herr Miller? - Is this your dog, Mr. Miller?
  • Ist das Ihre Tochter (feminine word), Herr Miller? - Is this your daughter, Mr. Miller?
  • Ist das Ihr Kind (neuter word), Herr Miller? - Is this your child, Mr. Miller?

The plural of all these sentences takes "Ihre":

  • Sind das Ihre Hunde, Herr Miller? - Are these your dogs, Mr. Miller?
  • Sind das Ihre Töchter, Herr Miller? - Are these your daughters, Mr. Miller?
  • Sind das Ihre Kinder, Herr Miller? - Are these your children, Mr. Miller?

This was an overview about "Ihr"/"Ihre" for the case called nominative.

In accusative it will be:

  • Haben Sie Ihren Hund/Ihre Tochter/Ihr Kind gefunden? for singular, Have you found your dog/...
  • Haben Sie Ihre Hunde/ Ihre Töchter/Ihre Kinder gefunden? for plural, Have you found your dogs/...


Yes, but it in general it is the third person plural form (sie) which is also used to address someone (replacing 2nd person singular, du) in a formal manner.


Thank you. Really good explanation


why not deinen kinder


das Kind (the child) is neuter. die Kinder (the children) is feminine. "deinen" would be used if the word were masculine and accusative. Example: Das ist dein Apfel (this is your apple). Ich esse deinen Apfel (I am eating your apple).


isn't euer also your?


Yes, but in this case is plural, thus it would have been eure


Why cant it be dein?


I used deine and it was accepted. These types of questions still confuse me.


Possessive pronouns https://www.duolingo.com/skill/de/Possessive-Pronouns/tips-and-notes

personal pronoun sie (plural) : ihr possessive pronoun


I thought the plural possessive for "your" was "eure" - it looks to be that on the "tips" chart in this section.

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