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Unrealistic English translations

I am finding that the model French translations are unrealistic . Today's model answer for "ce Tigre a un poil brillant poil" had to be rendered "this tiger has a lustrous coat" and "glossy" was rejected. Previously "quasi ment" was stipulated for "practically". I frequently report disagreements with model answers but have no idea whether any of my objections are acted upon.

January 5, 2018



I had no problem with "lustrous". The only reason "glossy" was not included was probably that no one had thought of it. Now, that you have suggested it the team will take it into consideration and add it if they deem correct.


In my experience they fix it quite quickly. I haven't had specific issues like you mentioned but the "I've" vs "I have" and similar that I reported was fixed by literally the next day...


With your reassurances I believe they do react to whinges like mine, and glossy is now accepted (as of today)


They used to give a place to write in what you think the problem is, but now they do not.

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