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Leaving Duolingo

After thinking this over for awhile now, I have decided to leave Duolingo for a period of time that I haven't decided on yet. I love the platform and have definitely enjoyed learning alongside so many amazing and motivated people. But learning right now learning just feels like a chore and my heart just isn't in it right now. I'm announcing this leave to get rid of my lingots. While I won't be deleting my profile, I will be deleting my languages and giving away my lingots so that I can come back and start fresh when I am ready. That being said, I aim to give away my lingots on those who comment on this post until I run it.

Keep learning people, I wish you all the best in this new year!!! <3

January 5, 2018



I started Duolingo with enthusiasm, and then lost the push to make progress, and abandoned it.

A year ago I was inspired to start again. I went right back to the beginning and tackled it in a more academic way, writing it down, cross referencing and allowing myself to find out about interesting words and phrases, rather than just rushing through the Duolingo tree.

I have had wonderful help and encouragement from so many other learners here. The end of my tree is in sight, but I am sure I shall learn Italian for the rest of my life.

I am not writing this to win your lingots, but because I hope that you too will come back, at a time right for you, and find the same enjoyment. Good luck.


I took a year break. It was beneficial. Things do get stale, and sometimes space brings renewed energy.


You should stay in contact with your language of interest (Spanish??), otherwise you will get stuck in the beginning level for ever (trust me, I know from experience what I'm talking about, my mother is German and over 20 years I've never gotten beyond A2 level) So I would recommend to you to revise why you wanted to learn your target language in the first place and secondly do some passive learning, reading and hearing native or simplified materials of your interest from time to time. Maybe you don't need to do structured courses any more, and the only thing you need are the crutches of subtitles or a good dictionary. Anyway I wish you a happy new year, and happy learning! Keep up the good work! ;D


Aww :( we'll miss you


Well done for your considerable application. I have finished my first tree. Where do you suggest is the next step for my French learning please?


Sometimes it's good to take a break from things, so you can come back to them with a fresh perspective and renewed energy! I can certainly relate to what's been said in your post. Good luck and best wishes towards your language learning goals! ^_^

[deactivated user]

    Gem and Health issues? I nearly left because of them.


    See you, mate. It's sad seeing people go and leave duolingo.


    that's totally understandable. all the best!


    I did Japanese learning last year around this time, then took a hiatus since I didn't know how to move on. Also new job came in the way plus a few other things. Then I got a tip from someone about this site and I loved coming back to learning Japanese. I think you will come back too. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder ;)


    you should keep going with your work don't stop now


    Oh you shouldn't leave this is an amazing site. But, it is your choice. So follow your heart. Do what you want.

    [deactivated user]

      I will miss you. Come back soon!


      That's sad. I hope your break gives you all the fresh energy you need:)


      Always keep learning!


      ill have some lingots! its sad that you are leaving but I hope this break will give you exactly what you need! :)

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