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  5. "가장 좋아하는 요일이 언제예요?"

"가장 좋아하는 요일이 언제예요?"

Translation:What is your favorite day of the week?

January 5, 2018



Just to clarify:

WHAT is your favourite day of the week: 가장 좋아하는 요일은 무슨 요일이에요?

WHEN is your favourite day of the week: 가장 좋아하는 요일이 언제예요?


Very interesting point. Could you raise this in the discussion blog/forum, please? Thanks.

It would be so helpful to be able to distinguish the differences to the sentences below, in Korean:

• what is favorite day of the week? (Asking for a definition) • which/what day of the week is your favorite day? (Asking for choice) • what sort of day of the week do you like most? (Asking for description) • when is your favorite day of the week? (Asking for time)


I think the use of 요일 indicates a day of the week, instead of a favourite day(날)< which can mean birthday, national day, labour day, any day of the year etc


언제 does not just mean "at what instance", i.e (Eng.) "When". It can mean "what/which instance". All depends on the attached verb which defines it.

언제 [+이다] = 어느+ Instance [+이다] - interchangeable.

언제 [+있다] = when (/at or on or in what/which Instance)

*Instance can be season, day of the week, period of time or time of the clock ...


xsdgsx, I am one of those Americans that think differently than you. To me, "day of the week" includes Saturday and Sunday. A "day" can be any day in my ignorant way of thinking. I was born, raised and educated (multiple college degrees) and have lived in the USA for my entire life, except for 6 years of foreign service in the US Army.


Yes, I agree, Neil. "Day of the week" can be any of the 7 days. It is different from "weekday," which is Mon-Fri. I think the reason this sentence has "day of the week" is to distinguish from any day of the year, such as Christmas or my birthday.


I L♥VE THURSDAY :) It's the first day of me getting to catch up on my sleep after a busy school week :)


Would "When is the most important day?" work?


"가장 좋아하는" means "most liked," not most important.


Nope. 가장 중요하는 요일이 언제예요?


언제 does mean when, that threw me off two. I think there are too many ways to interpret a sentence and still be correct.


Two also means 2, so that threw me off, too.


Why should I use "of the week"?


Because they used the word 요일 to specifically mean which day of the week, eg Saturday, Sunday, Monday etc. If you asked someone their favorite day and just used 일 or 날, their answer could be Christmas or their birthday, so it's more vague.


I said, "What day is your favorite?" It was marked wrong but reported it.


You are wrong. Don't just report anything you get wrong. 요일 is for days of the week.


No, their answer is correct in US English at least.


But in the sentence given it mentioned WEEK. And they didn't mention week in their answer.. Are you sure it should count as right?


I think part of the confusion is that many Americans (myself included) usually say "day" to mean "day of the week." I can't recall ever saying "day of the week" in a way that could also include the weekend, which seems to be what's happening in this practice sentence.

So the practice sentence is very awkward for me as well, and there's no way I'd have gotten it "correct" if I hadn't seen the desired translation beforehand. English is my native language, and this is not how I would ever express this question.


My answer was ‘What day of the week do you like the most?’ If I use ‘the’best’ instead of ‘the most’, would it be correct?


Best = most good = 가장 좋은

Favorite = most liked = 가장 좋아하는


The linen costume is my best outfit = 리넨 의상이 내 가장 좋은 옷입니다

But T-shirts and jeans are my favourite outfits = 그러나 티셔츠와 청바지는 내가 가장 좋아하는 의상입니다


This is the first time I have seen 의상. Thank you for teaching me a new term. :)

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