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"How long did the very first month of February last?"

Translation:Jak dlouho trval úplně první měsíc únor?

January 5, 2018



I don't understand what this sentence means in English or Czech. Is the first month of February is the first in history?


What came first the chicken or the egg? A leap year or a non-leap year?

Sometimes I think the creators of some of these sentences are far to clever for their own good. Or the good of earnest students. Inventing unnecessary confusions is not a good way to teach new skills, in my humble opinion. But there you have it. Nonsense in one language should be equally nonsensical in another language when translated.


Except, of course, when something nonsensical happens to translate to an idiom.


I actually like nonsense sentences, but only if I understand them (:


Why is "of February" not Genitive. First month "of" February. Shouldn't it be "února" instead of "únor"?


Mam stejnou otazku.


Because it is not genitive in the basic form, it is not "month of February" in Czech, just "month February". You can have a date in genitive "on the fifth day of the month of February" - "pátého dne měsíce února" but here we have the genitive because of the first "of".

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