Help choosing language for beginner?

Hey everyone! I'm brand new to duolingo and haven't studied any foreign language (except a little bit of Spanish). And I'm trying to pick one to start out with. The main two That stood out to me at first were French and German, Personally I like German culture and language in general better than French, but I've been told it's a lot harder to learn and has less universal use than French. As I mentioned before I've tried Spanish before, and I live in the southern U.S, which means it would obviously have better short term use for me, but in all honestly I dislike Spanish (Personal preference). If anyone had any suggestions or help for a brand new user I would really appreciate it! :)

January 5, 2018



Welcome to Duolingo.

Personally I like German culture and language in general better than .....

That is a very motivating reason to learn a language. Just start German ....

  • the course "German for English speakers" is one of the best courses of Duolingo

  • do it slowly

  • use from the start the grammar "Tips and notes" in Duolingo's web version ( Also if you are using the App on your phone/tablet

  • many people also use the Youtube course "learn German with Ania" when they learn German on Duolingo

Here are some useful links, to get more familiar with Duolingo:

Happy learning.

January 5, 2018

Having a passion for a language or culture is generally a much more motivating thing than being told X language is useful. All languages, sooner or later, contain complex things that require hard study. Be honest with yourself, what will keep you going in that scenario? The language being supposedly easier or more useful, or the language being something you're passionate about?

If you're really stuck and you just want to get a taste for what it's like learning a new language before you commit yourself to any given one, then I recommend Esperanto. It'll introduce you to a range of concepts (cases, prepositions, tenses) that you will come across in natural languages, but they're lot simpler and more user friendly in Esperanto, and the language is almost completely regular and has no grammatical gender, etc. Personally, I wish very much that my first encounter with cases had been with the incredibly user friendly Esperanto accusative than the unwieldy, overwhelming and frequently irregularly six cases and three grammatical genders of Russian ;-o so if you are truly a newb at learning languages, I think Esperanto is a pretty darn good primer.

That said, as I mentioned, having a passion for a language and a culture can get you over a lot more bumps in the road than anything else, so if you are honestly passionate and excited about German, then so what if it's not "useful", do the thing you're passionate about.

January 5, 2018

I totally agree with that don't pick the language for its usefulness unless you have to learn it for a job.

It's better to pick one that will satisfy your tastes. Esperanto is the option if you want an easy and quick to learn language but you wouldn't want to learn it if you don't like what it is about.

January 6, 2018

Also sorry it's in troubleshooting but that was the only option

January 5, 2018
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