Translation:The grenade

5 years ago



Hmmm...after getting "La granada" correct, the translation showed as "The grenade," not the pomegranate.

5 years ago


A pomegranate is filled with seeds like the fragments of a grenade. The Moslem gardens of the city of Granada (The Alhambra) were filled with luxurious fruits like the pomegranate. The word was probably include to demonstrate how one word can describe both an ugly weapon, a delicious fruit, and serve as the name of a beautiful city.

5 years ago


I am not sure what the pomegranate is doing in a lesson on places. Although I have been to and LOVED Granada... ;)

5 years ago


or why this is a priority word to learn...

5 years ago


Why is pomegranate included in the "places" category of lessons? Is there some location or physical structure that shares the same name?

5 years ago
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