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  5. "This is such a good thing!"

"This is such a good thing!"

Translation:이것은 아주 좋은 것이에요!

January 5, 2018



I don't know how Duo gets from "such" to 아주. Even their own tooltips don't list it as translation. And why not 참 or 매우? I guess we were supposed to go from "such" to "very" and then to 아주?


매우 is also correct (instead of 아주) according to a native korean speaker i just asked


but the program does NOT accept 매우.


Which word option means such?


Why isn't the English sentence "this is a very good thing" to follow the Korean translation correctly?


Good question. Report that your answer should also be correct.


Why is 정말 incorrect?


Usually in Duolingo, 정말 is translated as "really."


Okay, sure, but it isn't incorrect, is it?


probably not. The Korean uses the word for "very," which is not in the English translation either.


이것은 매우 좋은 것이다 가 왜 틀린 건데? 진짜 듀오링고 병신


Isn't "Such" a synonym to "that"? If so, why 이것은 그리 좋은 것이에요 is wrong? I am nether english nor korean native, please somebody help me to understand:)


I'm still learning but the way the system is currently allowing 아주 but disallowing 매우, makes me think that something is wrong, but I'm not an expert on the distinction between those two

"This is such a good thing!" or "This is that good of a thing!" seem comparable in English to me, if that helps at all

It makes me wonder if certain words in Korean can imply a more specific concept in English when used in some ways, and yet when used in other ways they should be taken more broadly


In English, "such" is not the same as "that." "Such" has various meanings. It can be an Adjective meaning "that kind of"__, or an Adverb meaning "so much" or slang for "very." The program is using that last usage here. Personally, I would translate the Korean into "This is a very good thing!"


You are correct that such doesn't mean that in this case but I would also add that duolingo says 그리 should be used with negative and interrogative sentences and this is neither.


I've heard the usage of 이건 more frequently than 이거슨.... is the former a contracted form of the latter?


Yes! Theㅅ at the end of 것 is often removed to make the word easier to pronounce/to make it flow in a sentence. Therefore 이것은 becomes 이건.


"This thing is a very good thing" is a fairer English translation


이것은 엄청 좋은것이에요랑 똑같음

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