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"I find that very interesting."

Translation:Das finde ich sehr interessant.

January 5, 2018



Why is the word order like this, and not "ich finde das sehr interessant?" Thanks in advance.


Both word orders are possible, putting the (object) das in the front puts the emphasis / stress on it.


could we say> Mir ist es sehr interessant? anybody can help me please?


What you are trying to say here is "It is very interesting to me." This has the same basic meaning. But we have to be careful in translating the English "to". What does "to" actually mean here and how would it be said in German?

This sentence could also be said: It is very interesting for me. Es ist sehr interessant für mich. And the super simple version: It interests me. Es interessiert mich.

These are both accusative, not dative.

I think anything that takes the form: It is to me. Is going to use "für" and take the accusative pronoun.


I would translate that into "ich finde dass sehr interessant" Why is that wrong?


Because "dass" is a preposition and its translation would be "that" in the sense of " I find it cool THAT you can cook". Meanwhile the right answer, "das" is a pronouns (I guess) and ir means that in the sense of "I see THAT".

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