"It is dark!"

Translation:Il fait sombre !

January 5, 2018



What is wrong with "c'est sombre" or "il est sombre"?

March 3, 2018


"C'est sombre" is incorrect, however it can be used like: "C'est une route sombre et dangereuse ..." which means It is a dark and dangerous journey ... , → the adjective here describes a journey that is precarious (so caution is advised).

"Il est sombre" means He is dark (gloomy, grave, serious etc) → the adjective here describes a mood.

Il fait sombre means "it is dark", as in there is little light available. However, the verb être can be used if further context is given.

Compare these two sentences:

"Cet appartement est trop sombre, ouvre les rideaux !"
This apartment is too dark, open the curtains!


"Il fait trop sombre, ouvre les rideaux !"
It is too dark, open the curtains!

As you can see, if sombre is used with a preceding noun, the verb être can be used, otherwise, if the structure is "It is.." then faire is the required verb.

There are many examples here:

March 4, 2018


Il fait noir ! Convient très bien

July 31, 2018


Whatever happened to il fait noir?

January 21, 2018


Il fait noir ! is correct ! It should be accepted :)

July 31, 2018


According to WordRef : http://www.wordreference.com/fren/il%20fait%20noir
it is a valid translation.
Was it rejected? If it happens again, report it.

January 21, 2018


Il fait noir is correct. It rejected this for me as well!

June 9, 2018


Rejected for me too. And I know that's what people say here in Montreal.

August 4, 2018


Should it not be Il y a sombre?

January 5, 2018


Il fait sombre can be said when there is not enough daylight and you need to turn the light on. It can be said on a very dull day or at dusk, when it is starting to get dark, or just before a storm, when it goes suddenly dark.

January 5, 2018


Il y a = There is/are, so your sentence means There is dark

January 5, 2018


I wrote "C'est noir" and the right answer was, apparently, "c'est foncé". Why isn't this the same as what the translation showing here is?

January 19, 2018


The program has sort through it's collection of answers for a word that fits with "c'est" and "foncé" is synonymous with "sombre". It is usually used in reference to a colour, eg "bleu foncé"= dark blue. Though, I am fairly certain, that you can't say "c'est foncé" in reference to the weather.

January 19, 2018


Peux-tu dire, "Il fait sombre" sur la meteo ou juste pour les couleurs et choses.

February 20, 2018


Ça se peut pour les meteos aussi. (je pense)

February 28, 2018


"Il fait sombre" (avec le verbe faire) convient pour le ciel par exemple (meteo) Pour une couleur on dit "C'est sombre"

July 31, 2018


ici, dans la Creuse, on dit "il fait nuit" quand le soleil est couché et "it is dark" !

April 21, 2018


"Il fait nuit" was translated in both directions as it is dark earlier in the program.

November 7, 2018
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