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'は' sound in hiragana 1

I think 'は' sound in hiragana 1 course may bring confusion to beginners. It's true that when 'は' is used as postposition or used in an idiomitic phrase such like 'こんにちは', it sounds 'wa', but for the beginner, it will be better if it is fixed to 'ha' sound.

January 5, 2018



It may be confusing at first yes, but I'd say it's better to get used to the two different sounds from the get-go as many characters (especially Kanji) have two or even more sounds depending on the context. I say this so that one can eliminate developing a "bad habit" of not thinking about this :)


I agree with this. It is the lack of tips and notes at the beginning of each section that puts too much of the onus on the learner to figure out the irregularities and creates confusion.


KORJAY - agreed. It always sounds like "ha", unless used as a noun indicator. So, when everyone is learning the hiragana alphabet, it sounds like "ha" never "wa" -- that's just wrong. The only reason it sounds like "wa" when used as a noun indicator is because of lazy-talk. Lazy-talk has become the standard in this case (as in many many cases in English pronunciation).

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