"Ukradli všechno, co mohli."

Translation:They stole everything they could.

January 5, 2018

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"They stole everything that they could." is also correct. "that" can be included or omitted.


yes. We would prefer if you could give suggestions via "my translation should have been accepted' button. Specially for instances where you are sure. Makes it faster and easier for us.


The tips say that the relative pronoun cannot be omitted in Czech. In this structure it seems to me that it is being omitted (just as we sometimes omit it in English). Am I missing something?

From Tips: "As a relative pronoun, který does the job of the English relative pronouns “who”, “whom”, “which”, and “that”. This Czech pronoun cannot be omitted..."


CO is the relative pronoun in the objective sentence.


Well, yes, I see that. It's just that the Tips seem pretty conclusive and specific on the matter... they have managed to omit "co" as a possibility!! Thanks as always for your swift response.


we may all need to accept that the tips have severe space limitations.


I was mostly joking! I think Duolingo is an incredible resource and am hugely grateful to those who give so much time, effort and energy to the lessons and to providing feedback for us here.

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