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  5. "He can also use photos."

"He can also use photos."

Translation:Il peut aussi utiliser des photos.

January 5, 2018



Is 'aussi' obligated to follow 'peut' or can it be used at the end? To me either position would mean the same thing.


Sorry, I thought I had scrolled through all the comments when I posted that.


Shouldn't this be les photos since it is talking about photos in general?


That would mean "he can use the photos" - specific photos. As photos are countable, and he can use more than one, we use the plural of the definite article → "des".


Can it be "Il peut utiliser des photos aussi"?


Short adverbs are usually placed following the verb though "aussi" seems to fall pretty much in the same position as it is used in English and, in the given sentence, it is placed after "can".

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