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French is kind of confusing?

I'm just now realizing the basic rules for the basic words. I don't think learning another language would be any easier though. I'm a bit confused :,)

January 5, 2018



Learn grammar very well. French has a lot of rules and each rule has an exception.Bonne chance.


Only kind of? ;)

In all seriousness, though, you have 70 XP which means you've completed 7 lessons. Unless you have considerable experience outside of Duolingo, I'd be amazed if after that short a period of time you were already comfortable. Essentially, it's not you, it's not even French! It's simply that the action of beginning to learn any foreign language is typically confusing, even if you've done it a dozen times before. Stick with it, it'll get easier with practice :)


Of the latin languages, I'd say french is the most difficult. Elision, pronounciation rules, distinguishing between plurals and singulars in spoken french, weird numbers and such. French is definitely the most complicated.

I'd rank them in terms of difficulty as such: Spanish < Portuguese < Italian < French


I would tend to agree with you, but I also suspect that the OP's problem is less the relative complexity of French and more the fact they have done only a handful of lessons!


A language takes a lot to get good at. That's why polyglots are recognized as smart. Hard but worth it! Never give up.


Yes, but it is a language you haven't spoken since you were born. So your not that used to it.


Don't worry. Keep practicing and you will become more familiar with it ;) I was confused when I first started.


I find myself slowing down with advancement and spending more time on practicing each day. Getting a strong understanding of each section before progressing and working on it every day has helped me to remember and think in French rather than try to translate each word.


The reason I'm learning French is because most places in Canada speak French and English. I really want to take a trip to Canada so I'm learning a really confusing language...


I travel to Montreal and Quebec several times per year for business. The good news is that pretty much everyone you come into contact with will speak English as well as French, but being able to speak French will make the trip more enjoyable as most people will begin conversations in French. As a side note, outside of Quebec Province, most people in Canada speak English so it depends on where you are visiting.

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