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Native Languages

Comment below and say your native language (the one you learned to speak FIRST). Then say what you would want as your native language. (the one you would've liked to learn FIRST)

January 5, 2018



Dutch is my native tongue, although technically the Limburgish dialect was first, and still is what I use to communicate my parents. I wouldn't want any other language as my native language, as it is beautiful and more Dutch people should realise their native tongue is beautiful too.


I absolutely agree with you!


English, but I quickly learned Sarcasm shortly afterwards.

I would like to have Thai as my native language.


lol. Interesting...any specific reason?


Not exactly. :D


Sign language, had to learn english as a second language though my entire family had it as their first. Japanese, so kanji i could actually learn the fricken kanji.


Born in America, and raised nearly all my life in Ecuador, I proudly say: Spanish.

A beautiful, and romantic language, that engages the people. I'm so proud of having Spanish as my first language! (Having British English my second, because in Ecuador they taught me the British English and that's why nobody understands my English sometimes) but still, #proud!

Spanish would have still be the one I would have choose, but I guess it would have been fun to had Portuguese as my first language! Or Catalan! (because they're extremely similar to Spanish).


The one I would've wanted to speak first is Dutch. And live in Amsterdam.


Interesting. Do you have any certain reason for Dutch?


I live in America, and English is my first language. I would've preferred to learn Spanish first and English second as my mom did, but things just didn't go that way.

I would love to learn more than just two languages and challenge my brain to become more fluid in speech. :)



Always good to challenge yourself sometimes!


I learned English and Spanish as native languages. Honestly I'm grateful I don't have to learn such a boring and uninteresting language (Spanish). Although if I had to choose another native language, I'd probably pick either Kabardian or Ubykh.


But don't you think Spanish is boring and uninteresting to you because there's not much left for you to learn in it? Wouldn't you think that your view on Spanish would be different if it weren't your native tongue?


Unlike most people around me, I'm not exactly into mainstream things, Spanish being one of those things. I'm still fairly certain that not having a grasp of Spanish would still lead me to my passion for Turkic and Caucasian languages.

Also my indifference to Spanish comes from my parents wanting me to learn enough so that it is as good as my English. I honestly can't bear learning any more Spanish, however. Their resentment to me learning other languages mostly derives from this.


Your first paragraph is one of the reasons why I never wanted to learn Spanish, despite pressures from around me. Not to mention that I hear it everyday in the state where I live.


My native language is English, I'm half Portugese, half British, and I am learning French and Korean but I'd still want English as my native language because I'm pretty sure it's the most widely spoken language in the world.


English isn't the most widely spoken language in the world. Mandarin is.


By number of native speakers, absolutely. By number of countries having it as one or the only official tongue, not so much. By number of people overall having a usable knowledge of it? I would bet on English anyway ;)


My first language was Spanish, English coming shortly afterwards. I'm grateful to have those two as my native languages. When I was younger I was embarrassed to speak Spanish in a world of mostly anglophones (United States) and I didn't like to speak Spanish, so I wouldn't. This caused me to lose a lot of my Spanish skills, so now my dominant language is English and I guess I'm conversational in Spanish. I would like to improve my Spanish to be as good as my English sometime, though.


This first language I learned is English. Mama Was my first word


Awesome! Now if you were to have a different first language what would it be? (was i not clear with the post?)


I wrote it on here it's just on a diffrent post


English was my first but I wish it was Hebrew.


English is a good language though.


Of course but Hebrew is so beautiful.


lol. I personally never got into it but i am sure it is!


I'll have to agree with you on that. ^ ^


My native language was English, but I would've loved it to be Russian or Ukrainian due to my heritage being from Russia and Ukraine.


Right I understand


My native language is English, and I would have liked to have Japanese as my native language because it is so hard compared to all the other languages I have learned outside of Duolingo.


Very Interesting! Do you have any Japanese heritage or is it just because it would be an AWESOME language to learn?


I am a big fan of Japanese video games and want to play those that have not been translated into English. :-) I do like their culture too and wouldn't mind visiting there someday.


My native languages are French and Moroccan ( I learnt both). I would've loved to have Spanish as my first language :-)


I'm American and my native language is English. I would like to have learned Japanese, French, or Korean as my native tongue(s). However, since I have Native American in me, I would like to have at least learned a bit of the languages surrounded by that culture.


Hungarian is my native language/ mother tongue. Apparently it is challenging to learn, so I am pretty happpy I won it in the native language lottery (it feels like a freebie) However I am fluent in English, English is my primary language and I am illiterate in Hungarian. I am glad I know English as well it is convenient. Sometimes I wish I had learned Slovak as my native langue because I was born in Slovakia, my parents spoke a mix of Slovak and Hungarian at home, and it is closer to other languages, so if I had learned Slovak as a child, I would probably be able to learn other Slavic languages with ease. I really like Spanish as well, and if Spanish was my native language then perhaps I would have grown up someplace nice and warm!


I'm naturally an English speaker, but being from Minnesota (USA) I think it would be cool if Ojibwe and/or the Dakota language were still spoken here. The Ojibwe and Dakota are groups of native people who lived in Minnesota before colonization, and we learned about the Ojibwe language in school, but only for one day, and I would love to learn more. Some words are kinda like french (boozhoo comes from bonjour, meaning hello) because the French were the first to take over Minnesota (which comes from a Dakota word meaning land of clear waters). I wish Duolingo had a course for them, but they are very small languages and I'm sure most people (outside of the Midwest) have never even heard of either, so it's unlikely that will ever happen. :(


I am an anglophone :) English was my first language


But I would have enjoyed French as my first language


French is a beautiful language.


My native language is Dutch, but if I had to choose another first language, I would have liked it to be French. It's not my favourite language (which is Swahili) but I think it is beautiful and I have always wanted to live in France.


Like I said before it is such a beautiful language! I am glad I have some french in me!


My native language is Portuguese. And I like it to be the first one, because I can enjoy learning the other ones. I mean, if I learned English first, I wouldn't see the cool things in it.


Russian is my native language. I wish it was Norwegian.


Native Language is English, born in US I would have loved Polish as my Native, My mom's side of the family is from Poland


Afrikaans. Afrikaans.


English is my native language and I wish I'd grown up bilingual in English and French.

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