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Any people learning Korean here?

If so, why?

I'm learning it so I can understand K-Pop lol.

January 5, 2018



I am learning it to understand k-drama and k-pop, and also so that I can understand and speak a third language


And i'm also doing this so if I meet Suga Oppa I can tell him how beautiful he is <3


Do that for me, he's the ultimate bias <3!!


And for me, please! I couldn't imagine what it would be like to meet those amazingly talented boys! That's part of the reason why I'm learning Korean. That and because the language sounds so nice to my ears.


I get your devotion, i have army friends.


Just because I love languages. :)


Im learning because me and my friend dream of being Korean teachers in a mid-sized town in Korea someday. The cities are beautiful and the culture is fun, so why not try, ya'know?


So I can finally understand what my mother-in-law is saying as she gives people the stink eye


i am studying so if i met jimin oppa i can talk to him.


Jimin is my Bias Wrecker :D My bias is Baby Yoongs ;)


OMG SAME I JUST WANNA UNDERSTAND BTS SONGS :D Lmao It's good to see i'm not the only one here because of K-Pop :) YAYYY


No you're not the only one XD


me toooooooooooo


My sister in law is from Inchon, in South Korea. Her mom only speaks Korean. So I study Korean to be able to speak communicate with her. I also love to study different languages.


and tell him i love him


Hooked on K-drama. But the whole culture and history of the country is interesting too.


I am planning to visit Korea by July this year so I am trying to learn their language, for a better understanding of their culture and for the sake of convenience. In addition, learning a language improves the health of the brain. That's it. Learning with a purpose makes learning both fun and easy.


You're so lucky! I'm jealous. :) Have fun and be safe!


I’m learning it because I would like to travel there one day :)


OMG!!!! That is my desire too.


same im only here for k-pop


Same! I adore BTS and want to be able to understand something outside of the english lyrics in their songs


Yeah I'm basically only here for k-pop, but it also just looks like a cool language XD


I also love k-pop mainly BtS and Got7


For serious students, Shu Chaang has just posted an amazing compilation of helpful sites for learning Korean. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25843190


I'm doing this for bts


learning it so i dont have to rely on subs on my kdramas tbh.


One of my favourite books was originally written in Korean, and I'm discovering more Korean authors I like all the time. The only K-pop group I really like is BTS... but I love them, hah. Never watched any K-dramas though. I don't really have any plans of ever visiting South Korea, but if I was given the opportunity I wouldn't say no. :)


My roommate kind of made me obsessed with k-pop, but I was already a big fan of k-drama


Same proud army tho


Yeah that's the exact same reason for me too. I don't think i'm grasping it though cause so far all i seem to be doing is playing match the pictures and a lot of the quiz questions give you the answer >_<


I am learning Korean so I can communicate better when I return to Korea for the 3rd time this fall! :)


Anyone else find the English equivalents useless? I'm just randomly guessing which letters are supposed to represent Korean sounds, given that they are aren't at all like English sounds. Makes absolutely no sense to me.


I think they use the Revised Romanization system (RR). It's not always intuitive at first, but it is robust and consistent.

It's a system where they sort of gave up on trying to imitate Korean sounds in English (which is impossible), and instead just gave them placeholders in English that are vaguely similar. Like the "eo" sound for 어.


The English equivalents (romanization) are only of use at the very beginning for pronunciation clues. After that they are beyond useless, and will impede your learning and mess up your pronunciation. If you haven't already, use one of the excellent Youtube courses to learn the hangul, adapt your keyboard to hangul, and ignore equivalents for the rest of your life.


because kshows and kpop lol. also i think the language is simple yet complex? it's interesting. i hope i'll be able to use it for official reasons in the future hahaha


Me Too. Not just for k-pop, but for my korean cousins who is gonna come here this year.


I have taught Tae Kwon Do for many years, I know many commands in Korean but I would like to be able to have conversations with Korean people I know. Also I am a Corrections Officer and there are a few Korean Inmates that only speak a little English, so I would like to be able to talk to them in Korean.


I am also a student of Taekwondo :-). That's my main motivation for having an interest in Korean.


Awesome! I love Korean Rock more than K Pop but I "get it". and dramas.. Yes.. Ji Min? .. Hmmm.... Ji Chang Wook *Make sure you watch Healer.

There is a lot of Korean Immigrants in my province, I moved close to a Korean Market and a Korean Restaurant opened in my neighbourhood. I think it was "survival"

I think the whole idea that Hangul was created to improve literacy intrigues me. Good Luck to us all!


I find a lot of people start to learn it for that reason. I just want to be able to manage everyday activities.


Yes, I'm going to study in korea, so I want to have korean lessons


I am trying, but the ever-present, pointless underlining is making it unnecessarily hard for me to learn the alphabet, because an underline looks like the Korean letter O.


I had had problems with that as well. I have found it easier to learn Korean on Memrise (www.memrise.com), while doing some of the rest of my learning here on Duolingo. If you'd like, you can give that website a try. I really enjoy it, because I can add pictures and text to it, to help me remember the symbols and words. It, too, has a free version and a pro version. I'm using the free version.


Memrise is indeed excellent for learning and reviewing vocabulary. The "How to Study Korean" site presents about 4000 words along with excellent grammar instruction, and there are 6 Memrise courses dedicated to reviewing those 4000 words. https://www.memrise.com/course/126923/

how-to-study-korean-unit-1-3/ https://www.howtostudykorean.com/unit1/


No problem, any time. I'm here to help, along with learn. :)


How goes the progress? It gets addicting as you start to understand some of the lyrics :-)


same... Korean culture is and has been a big part of my life


매일 매일 일했지만 시간이 많았어요. 그래서, 언어를 배우고 싶어요. 저는 한국어 배우는 거를 왜냐하면 한국노래를 들어요. 그리고 심심했어요.


I'm learning Korean too :)


I am learning Korean, but I listen to K-Pop only every other century.


Woof, you gotta work on your delivery if you wanna avoid those down votes. You skipped the 20th and are all in for the 21st, 그렇지?


Unless, of course, Woof meant that he/she doesn't listen to Kpop very often. Then that, at least to me, makes sense. Although, I'd say to Woof, "you don't know what you're missing!" Just teasing. :)

[deactivated user]

    For the fun, I've started the japanesse but I was disgusted by the different alphabets... And as a French, I'm amazed a lot of people begin to learn my own language, even it's difficult.


    My partner is Korean, I love Korean cuisine and food culture, and I’ve long been fascinated by the language’s amazing grammatical similarities to Japanese, which was the first foreign language I learned to a high level, and the one I’m most comfortable with. I also really admire the elegance of the hangeul script. I learned it a long time ago, way before I began to study the language in earnest, and was always amazed at how simple it was to pick up and write, and the great balance it strikes between the straightforwardness of an alphabet and the space-saving quality of somethIng like Chinese characters.


    I'm learning for a quite few reasons. Main is because of K-Drama (My Sweet Savage Family or Angry Mom for example) and also have a goddaughter who's Korean too. I also have a interest in their culture too.


    Well, at first it was to really understand the various K-Pop songs and lives that I have seen, and that I don't need to wait for translation. But after a little digging and reading... aka subtitles, I found I would absolutely love to actually go to South Korea with a few friends of mine and just spend some time there... Vacation, really.

    Haha so much ARMY love here, it is beautiful~! -Still waiting on my U-Kiss to comeback again~- It's always interesting to find people so passionate about the bands, or the culture it's self. Good luck everyone learning, I'm sure y'all are doing great in your studies :D.


    And i'm also doing this so if I meet V I can tell him how handsome and caring he is


    i spent 2 years there. learned to read and pronounce the alphabet if i can use that term. learned alot of phrases. duolingo is teaching how to put everything together. i like it. wish i would have gone back for the olympics


    Every year on October 9 Korean celebrates hangul day. October 9 is a public holiday in South Korea (공휴일). Koreans organize many events on this day to remember the Sejong king.


    I'm learning Korean cuz i'm really interested in the language itself, but also now I have more motivation because my boyfriend is Korean and, for love, he is moving from South Korea to Italy to live with me. I need desperately to learn this language so when we will be together I will understand him and I could speak a bit with him in his mother tongue.

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