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What will you do with your language skills?

I learn German with the short term goal of pranking my German teacher and long term goal of a visit to Germany. French and Spanish are on my study list just because I get bored from time to time and want something new. What about you? Why do you learn other languages, and what do you plan to use your new words for?

January 5, 2018



I plan to retire and live part of the year in Italy, assuming Brexit doesn’t screw that plan all up.


I started learning German first on Duo, in hope's of going to Germany and becoming a Professional Photographer. But then I got interested in Spanish because there are a lot of Spanish Speakers where I live. So on and so forth and here I am learning 6 languages.


Wow, this may take a while as I have too many languages added...

Italian was my first tree on Duolingo, chosen both because of my longstanding fascination with the country and culture (and cuisine, of course!) and because it is 1. the easiest Romance (and arguably the easiest European) language from English, yet is much less studied than Spanish or French (and thus more interesting and valuable, from my perspective!) Recently I have begun the IT-FR course and have found it exercises new parts of my brain working from Italian as L1, besides helping practice two languages at once. Japanese and Korean are both for work purposes and for personal interest. Chinese I am fully fluent in, but added so that I could help with fixing up the course and answering learner's questions, since I missed the chance to apply for contributing officially. Polish because I started learning it in middle school from a friend, and have been fascinated by its beauty since. Norwegian because I'm ancestrally from there, plus it's much less known and learned than its other Scandinavian counterparts! German, Russian, and Dutch for work purposes (translation and research) Swahili initially for extra familiarity with agglutinative languages while waiting for Japanese to come out, also to expand my language base from just Asian/European. Spanish and French both as a long-term goal for being able to read certain books in their original language, and branching out into other Romance languages for comparative purposes. Portuguese was only in order to add the Christmas skill (which turned out to have already been discontinued) while it was still December, I am embarrassed to admit, ha!

I am currently focused on Korean and Norwegian, plus upkeep of Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

And yes, communicating with/pranking classmates and colleagues is part of the goal as ever!


Well, I started learning Swahili just because I loved the language and thought it was fun, but I never actually intended to go to East Africa and do something with it. Now that I have a good grasp of the language, I think I might want to travel there someday.


Sudying a language just for the idea is nice. I can recommend to visit the south of Tanzania. I have been there and iI had great fun in the villages with the local people, but we did not really understand each other.I. want to go back with a lot more background and ability to communicate with the locals in the villages.


Well, I have always been intrigued by languages and culture. The fact that each language has an unique grammar pattern that is perfectly suitable for that language is surprising to me. I wanted to learn some foreign languages and see how much they differ from the languages I am already fluent in. Now learning Spanish and German and planning to learn a lot more once I complete these two.

Plus, more languages means more books to read and more people to talk to :)


I mostly just think linguistics are fascinating, but both of my roommates are Spanish minors who constantly speak to each other in Spanish because they think it's funny to watch me try to figure out what's going on. No more!


Ha! Been there myself.


Find me a handsome Finn...


I'm learning French here and at school, but I'm learning Korean so I can understand K-Pop (Korean pop music)


Well I learn them because I might move to a place that speaks the languages and I just love the languages i'm learning it's hard to explain why.


I'm learning Spanish because many speak it in my country. Learning Esperanto to learn Spanish well.


I had to learn English, German and French at school.
On Duolingo, I am brushing up these languages because of ......

  • my professional literature is mostly written in English and German, rather than in my mother tongue (Dutch)
  • holidays in England, USA, Germany, France and other countries in Europe
  • watching English and German broadcasters
  • it is very interesting to read about the news in the world in more languages, in order to get a more objective point of view of the news
  • Germany, England and Belgium are the neighbour countries of the Netherlands.


I learn Spanish because I've studied it for 2 years in college and I don't want all that time to go to waste. I'm learning Russian so I can surprise my Russian teammates in CS:GO lol oh and french is the second language in Morocco so everyone knows it anyway.

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