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Finding Time for Duolingo

Everyone is busy, and sometimes life can be crazy hectic. How does one find time for Duolingo in this lifestyle?

From my personal experience, life can also get busy (You know, napping, climbing, eating eucalyptus leaves ;)), but I have developed a few habits that assist me in my goal of doing Duolingo every day. Normally, I will do my Duolingo in the morning: right after or right before breakfast {Note to self: I wonder what is for breakfast today; eucalyptus leaves?!} Sometimes, though, I will do it later in the day when I have some time.

The most effective way to do my Duolingo is by setting myself a goal that I try to achieve. I have been trying to reach my current goal every day and it has become a habit now to try to reach it. Now, I don't ALWAYS reach it, but it is a challenging goal that is within reason for me. In addition, some days I just can't remember words as easily, so I will do easier lessons or review, but other days, I feel fluent{well, not quite THAT much} and cruise ahead with new lessons.

If the Duolingo community has any great ideas for how to make time for Duolingo, I would LOVE to hear them: post them below. Thanks!

January 5, 2018



I find time on weekends or breaks or after homework.


Having a hectic life is just an excuse. Identify in your free time what you do that you would rather use for Duolingo and other language learning activities instead. No one works 24 hours a day... there is always time. It is up to individuals to prioritize it.

If I have a slow morning (like today), I complete my Duolingo activities over breakfast. If I need to get to work, I do it during my lunch break or make time in the evening. It is very useful to have a mobile app as well as the web version to keep my streak going and to make me feel that I am either learning or practicing my language.

Like you, Mindstorms, if I feel like I don't have all the new words quite memorized yet, I go back and practice them rather than continue on to new lessons. Some days I use my practice for a day for vocabulary review only. Sometimes I go beyond my "coach" 50 XP to make sure i feel comfortable with the vocabulary, with the aim of taking a new lesson in the next day.


Some days, I do not have any free time, but there always seems to be a few minutes in which I have access to a computer and can do at the very least, a lesson. Thanks for your suggestions!


Sometimes in the morning in the train while going to my job. Otherwise most in the evening. Learning early is more effective I must say.


Thanks! Yes, I agree with you.


Hey, Mindstorms! Thank you for sharing your Duolingo habits with us! As for me, I do a lesson at least once when I wake up (it takes less than a minute), and I will try to do more as the days go by. Because I use other language programs, it's more difficult to do Duolingo in the afternoon.

Also, when I went to Australia, I heard that koalas (at least the males) sleep up to 20 hours a day! So the fact that you're level 25 in two languages and with a 100+ streak is amazing! Congrats and enjoy those yummy eucalyptus leaves! :-)


Thanks! I do love sleeping. As I said, It can be hard at times to find time for Duolingo, but with a little a day, I can achieve much! ;)

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