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"Da, e necesar citiți cărțile acelea."

Translation:Yes, it is necessary to read those books.

January 5, 2018



DL accepted my translation: "It is necessary FOR YOU to read those books." (1/5/2018)


"... that you read ..." is also accepted, which also captures the subjunctive mood


So, it accepted: "Da, e necesar să citiți cărțile acelea" BUT "Da, ESTE necesar să citiți cărțile acelea" it says it's not correct

In Romanian, "este" is an abréviation for "este". Actually, este is much better than "e". Repair the mistake in the system


You are right about the word "este" = "e". But the instruction for this sentence is to write what you hear, which is "e" and not "este".

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