"It is known that the doctor helped many persons."

Translation:Se știe că doctorul a ajutat multe persoane.

January 5, 2018

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Can you say "mai multe" as well?


Mai multe means more or several.

Multe means many or lots of.


E probabil că deja ar trebui să știu până acum, dar de ce nu este ”pe multe persoane”?


It doesn't sound natural for me..."pe", along with the verb "a ajuta", is basically used when referring to someone specific (for example: "Doctorul i-a ajutat pe acei oameni." - The doctor helped those people; "Doctorul a ajutat-o pe Maria." - The doctor helped Maria). In the Duolingo sentence, the doctor helped many people, but nobody knows what people he helped. The main idea is that he helped people.


Why is that not translated? If translated would acelui be the correct pronoun?

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