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Trying a language

I am a native English speaker, and I am trying to learn Spanish, and some Italian on the side. I would like to have some knowledge of another language. I have tried German, French, Japanese, Irish, and Czech, but they just didn't feel like they suit me. Any other language suggestions? Thanks!

January 5, 2018



My suggestion would be to go on YouTube, look up a multi-lingual compilation or several, and listen to it with your eyes closed. No, seriously, if you like the way a particular language sounds, you’re much more likely to have the motivation to learn it. Also cultural context helps so I recommend reading up on the cultures relevant to your languages.


Thanks, I'll give it a go!


It depends of you, I cannot help you without knowing you better than what you say, so let's try what you want but I think you should maybe first make your Spanish and your Italian better.

  1. What languages people around you speak? Pick one of those.

  2. Where do you see yourself possible working? Pick a language spoken there.

  3. Is there a culture that is strongly related to your work, studies or hobbies? Pick a language used there.


geez dragon! you sure know a lot of languages!


Korean was good on my old account


Do you have any reason why you want to learn a language? For future traveling or job opportunity? For me, I choose Spanish because I like to travel, I've visited Mexico and Cuba with my 4-month-old Spanish. I also choose Japanese because I like Japanese anime and love Japanese culture.

If you don't have any specific reason, then you can choose one according to their difficulties. If you want to challenge yourself, you can choose Japanese, Chinese or Arabic.

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