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  5. parolu al min sur telegramo!


parolu al min sur telegramo!

it's been almost forever since i've posted here, and i've been getting lazy with studying, because i've stopped really having a reason or motivation to study! so i'm looking for people to chat to in esperanto.

i'm still on the komencanto level, but google and online dictionaries have always been my friend when using this language. :) grammar corrections welcome! i know i still have a lot to learn. ヾ(⌒ヮ⌒)ゞ

i'm a bit shy, so that's why i haven't jumped into one of the telegram groups. of course, i'll probably start lurking again, at least, but i'd be delighted if someone decided to message me one-on-one!

(also, i was concerned about if these types of posts are still allowed, so if they're not, i'll take it down c: )

but my username is @crookedspine if anyone is interested!

January 5, 2018



Saluton! Mi estas ankaŭ komencanto en Esperanton. Hodiaŭ mi lernis pri ĉi tiu programo nomata HelloTalk. Vi devus rigardi ĝin.

Hello! I am also a beginner in Esperanto. Today I leraned about an app called HelloTalk. You should look it up.

(I'm sure my esperanto is really bad, haha. sorry about that.) But really, the app is super cool. It's a social network/chat app designed to let, for example, an Esperantist learning English and an English speaker learning Esperanto to chat and correct each other's writing/speaking. Lots of cool built in features to make this easy. The Esperanto section is a little dead right now, but only more people can make that better!

I wish there was a beginners Telegram group though. The main Esperanto telegram group is a bit intimidating for beginners. Alas I could not find one on telegramo.org.


There was a push by a well-placed individual (or two) to get more Esperanto speakers on HelloTalk. This was in 2015. It seems that this petered out. I know people who use HelloTalk are pretty excited about it, but seems that if you want Esperanto you have to go where the Esperanto speakers are - Facebook, Reddit, Telegram,... there's a moderately active learner community on italki and HiNative.

Your Esperanto is fine. My one comment is that ankaŭ should come before the word it modifies. Ankaŭ mi estas komencanto. The way you have suggests a context like "Are you a cook? Yes, and I'm also a beginner."


Indeed, one must go to where the people are. I don't use Facebook for privacy reasons and, to be honest, I'm rather intimidated by the Reddit/Telegram groups being such a komencanto. I haven't heard of italki or HiNative before. I will check them out.

I still think it's a pity there aren't more people on HelloTalk. It certainly isn't perfect but its translation and correction features make it a good platform for beginners in my opinion.


Oh and thanks for the grammar correction!


How do you find Esperantists on Telegram. I downloaded the app, but I didn't see much. Is there a directory out there somewhere?


I believe telegramo.org is the site to get a list of groups.


I'd like to do that, but mainland China blocked Telegram = =


So, what is a good way to connect with people in China? I looked into getting a YouKu site, but I think you need a Chinese phone number for that. I've got Skype, which I've used to talk to people in China, and I'm on italki. Do you have access to HiNative?


YouKu is a video-sharing site just like Youtube, so I don't think it's a good way for connection. It's quite common for Chinese use QQ or Wechat to communicate. I haven't heard of HiNative before, but I can open the official website, so I think it can be used in China but the users from China may be quite few.


I actually see a lot of posts in Chinese on HiNative. It looks to me like most of the questions come from users who are on the site to learn other languages, but who stop by the Esperanto section to ask how to say "hello" or "I love you".

It would be nice to have more Chinese Esperanto learners and speakers on the site to answer their questions.

I'm most interested in reaching Chinese people who want to work on Esperanto or English by skype.

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