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"Welche Art von von Musik magst du?"

In a German Club (on Duolingo) I'm in, Duo has asked us “Welche Art von von Musik magst du?”

Why are there two "vons" in the question? Is it just a mistake?

January 5, 2018



That looks like a mistake. Please report it as a bug via https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-

I have also seen an awful grammar mistake in the Dutch club. .
It looks like the course moderators have not been asked to moderate these texts in the clubs.


Thanks. I thought I'd better ask first just in case it turns out to be some aspect of German grammar I hadn't yet learnt.


Why people are voting my question down I don't know. I'm not sure what these discussion forums are for if not to ask about language...


Seems like a mistake to me as well (I'm not a native nor a fluent German speaker though).

But I have definitely seen a grammar mistake in Duo's question in French-English (reverse) course where the question was posed in English. So better not to take them too seriously.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure it is just a mistake.


ye looks like another mistake. They seem to keep doing those on the club questions and Im not sure why. Maybe for people to recognise the mistakes? But I'd argue thats not beneficial to learners who would probably prefer to answer than question. I dont know but it comes across as very sloppy from duo.


I think it is just a mistake. It makes no sense otherwise.


Yes, that's a mistake.

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