"The hotel is expensive."

Translation:호텔이 비쌉니다.

January 5, 2018

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how do i know when it should be 이/가 vs 은/는? from what i know there is just a difference in what you're emphasizing or something like that so there isn't one that is wrong and one that is right


i think 은/는 is used when youre speaking about something more generally and 이/가 is more specific. it's better explained in the notes duolingo has in one of the first few lessons


There are a couple of specific cases for both, and they're often interchangable, but 이/가 most often refers to a thing directly performing an action and 은/는 is used like the phrases "regarding..." or "in regards to..."

For example: 남자는 빨리 걷어요 This would, without specific context, translate to "Men walk quickly" or "A man walks quickly" because it's describing men in general and not one specific man.

남자가 빨리 걷어요 My understanding is that this would, more often than not, refer to a specific man that is walking quickly.


So, when should we translate "the" and "that"?


How is 호텔이 different from just 호텔? Isn't it the same word?


'이' is the subject mark particle, the word cannot be right if you do not choose it with '이'.


what about 숙소?


I think in this case 은 marker should be also accepted.

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