"Bohemia is in Czechia."

Translation:Čechy jsou v Česku.

January 5, 2018

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So, I assume that 'Čechy' is in plural form since you'd use 'jsou'


yes, always plural


Why Bohemia is it Čechy. I thought it is the name of a region in CR.


You're correct. Bohemia is a historical region in the Czech Republic. In Czech, it is called "Čechy". The other name used in the above sentence "Česko" is short for "Česká republika" and refers to the whole country (ie. not just Bohemia, but also Moravia and Silesia).

Čechy = Bohemia

Česko = Czechia

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Čechy jsou v České republice.


Bohemia is in the Czech Republic.


What is the meaning of words ending in "y", like (another example) "Prahy".


Depends on the word and its use in the sentence. You should review the Tips & Notes for the early Skills for details. T&N are available ONLY from a desktop or mobile browser, not currently in the apps. Click on a Skill circle ad you will see a Tips button if T&N have been released for that Skill. If it's there, clicking on it will take you to the T&N.

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