Two particles together (には). Help me :)

Can somebody explain the the meaning of these two phrases?

1 .彼は三人の息子がいました。 (かれはさんにんおむすこはいました

2 .彼には三人の息子がいました。 (かれにはさんにんおむすこはいました)

Observe that the particles (に) and (は) are together in the second sentece.


January 5, 2018


You probably already know that in the sentence :
A は B
は is the topical marker used to notify you that information B is going to be given about the topic A.
This is true for the two sentences you gave here, but the difference between them is in the topic A.
In は三人の息子がいました A is 彼 (he/him)
In 彼には三人の息子がいました A is 彼に (For him)
The information B is 三人の息子がいました (there were three sons), and the (odd) English equivalent sentences are:
彼は三人の息子がいました : Concerning him, he had three sons.
彼には三人の息子がいました : For him, there were three sons.
meaning that に isn't really with は. It was coupled with 彼 to create a different topic A.

PS: In the hiragana sentences, さんにんむすこいました should be corrected to さんにんむすこいました

January 5, 2018

Oh, I got it. Thank you very much!

January 6, 2018
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