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Feature suggestion - grammar explication

It would be nice if a link to an explication of the grammar used in the sentence were included.

  • This doesn't have to be duolingo hosted content - grammar explications exist elsewhere on the internet.
  • This doesn't have to be a complete explication - the name of the grammar rule would be enough for the user to search for more information on the internet.

Currently, when I don't understand why a sentence is a certain way in Japanese, I look at the comments to see if anyone has explained it. Usually no one has.

  • This could also be in the form of an "official" comment pinned to the top of the comments, with an explication answering people's questions. This would require regular monitoring of questions posted by users so that either a user comment could be pinned or a new official comment could be pinned.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks for the cool software.

January 5, 2018



I totally agree, after finishing the course in Duolingo I noticed that I still didn't know anything. So I also used LingoDeer (yes, a competitor) which helped me greatly with the grammar. When to use the different particles, exceptions and stuff like that. I'm currently using both apps and still it's difficult to read and write Japanese.


have you tried Duolingo on Desktop? It gives you an option to write Japanese sentences with a keyboard instead of "words bank". It helped me greatly. also, LingoDeer is awesome. I love it


Only recently. I tried it, but with the script running on the website it kinda f*cks up the keyboard, especially when I'm using other software where I have to write English or Dutch in-between the questions. And I find it easier to type Japanese on my phone too. But that's mostly vocabulary and idiom. What's most difficult is the grammar and you need to understand what is happening instead of just memorising.


i absolutely agree. i had to ask a friend in japan some questions related to some course sentences and was eventually turned on to "a guide to japanese grammar" a book by Tae Kim which can serve as a textbook for japanese 101 - it is available from a bookstore, on kindle, and for free online[1] as well.

i'm glad you bring this up - i feel now that much of the current duolingo course is teaching us how to express english thoughts using japanese rather than how to think with japanese, which requires some explanation of how the grammatical structure works.

also in the spirit of suggestions: i feel that literal translations should be okay in the future. e.g. "healthy?" for "おげんきですか" and that "boyfriend is safe" for "かれしは大丈夫です” should be acepted (currently the course would want "how are you?" and "my boyfriend is safe" which are fine translations but are not necessarily optimal to teaching the user how the japanese works).

thanking everyone involved in the duolingo japanese course kindly for the wonderful work being done! it is wonderful and i believe will get better and better.

[1] http://www.guidetojapanese.org/learn/complete/

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