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"His mouth"

Translation:Sein Mund

January 5, 2018



Just curious, and maybe it's a silly question, but does anybody know if Mund (mouth), and Mond (moon), have any connection originally because of the similarity in shape of each?


why not seiner mund pls? mund is masculine no?


Mund is masculine, but "sein" declines like "ein" (so-called mixed declination). You don't say "einer Apfel"! ein Mund - sein Mund

seiner is a word, but it is used when there is no noun after it. (so it's not a determiner, but a pronoun then)

Sein Mund ist seiner - His mouth is his

(well, in English it's better to see in "her":)

Ihr Mund ist ihrer - Her mouth is hers


What is the difference between mund and maul?


"Mund" is for human beings, "Maul" for animals.


what is the difference between sein and seine? I put seine before now I am supposed to use sein


The difference is the same as in ein vs eine.


Does anyone have any good sources on pronouncing Mund vs Mond? To me they sound so similar. Struggling with it like I struggled with Ihr and Er at first. Any tips from anyone else who may have had troubles at first?


In fact they are quite different, because they differ in two aspects.
The vowel in "Mund" is an "u" (like "oo" in English"), but it is short (a short "oo" does not exist in English), whereas the vowel in "Mond" is an "o", and it is long. A long "o" of this kind does not exist in English, it is somewhat close to the "o" in "bone".

The two words do not differ in their end consonant. "d" and "t" are both pronounced as a "t" in this position.


Thank you. I struggle with pronunciations, especially with sounds that aren't in English. They were sounding the same to me, but I think I can hear the difference now!

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