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Create your own definitions! (A Retrospect Of Words From 1918)

In terms of language, they're all fresh-faced youngsters.

  • Cabin Fever

  • Plaintext

  • Dirty Pool

  • Daily Dozen

  • College Try

  • Dollar-a-year

  • Dada

  • Earthrise

Your task is to make up definitions for each in the comments below, just from looking at the words in this list, before looking up their definitions. ;) (If you already know the definitions, make up something new so you don't spoil it).

Once you've created your own definitions, click here for the full article, history, and definitions of these words.

January 5, 2018



Here are my guesses (I know a few of these, so I'll make up a few definitions to keep it fun):

Cabin Fever: Having illness/sickness when inside of a cabin or small house

Plaintext: Writing or text that is very basic and straightforward

Dirty Pool: Water that is contaminated/polluted

Daily Dozen: A habit where someone eats twelve donuts each day ;)

College Try: The act of trying to complete a very difficult task or assignment

Dollar-a-year: The act of being very fortunate or lucky

Dada: The father or dad of someone

Earthrise: The act of the moon rising on the horizon (similar to "sunrise" and "moonrise")

Thanks for this challenge, Usagiboy7!

[Edit: I already knew the definitions of "Daily Dozen" and "Dirty Pool", but I was right about earthrise and was close with "College Try"]


Cabin Fever: being stuck inside too long, feeling restless, a desire to go outdoors Plaintext: writting that does not employ emogies or other shorthand common do digital communication such as l.o.l. Usually applied to text, messaging emails and other forms of digital communication, butncan also refer to print/paper media. Dirty Pool: An after hours party Daily Dozen: A box of assorted doughnuts College Try: to attempt something without any prefious experience and little hope of success ‘He didn’t know how to drive standard, but he borrowed his friends car and decided to give it the old college try and go on a roadtrip anyway’ Dollar-a-year: an entry level job or unpaid internship is called a Dollar a Year position, usually used when someone is overqualified for the job Dada: a style of street art influenced by Dadaism Earthrise: A folk music festival


Daily Dozen: A box of assorted doughnuts

So much win! xD


I'll try to do this without looking at the other answer in this discussion. ^ ^

Cabin Fever: A sickness contracted in a cabin or boredom while living in a cabin.

Plaintext: Something, written or spoken, that is so obvious that it does not need further explanation.

Dirty Pool: When the reputation of a group (consisting of whatever objects; most likely people) is ruined by a single factor in the group (like a single person).

Daily Dozen: The process of doing a daily routine.

College Try: Trying to work on something that is at the difficulty level of a college assignment. Or, a try-hard college student.

Dollar-a-year: A phrase to describe someone who experiences fortune occasionally.

Dada: Information or data that is often misleading at first glance. (I legitimately have no idea what this word could mean, so it will be interesting to see that actual definition)

Earthrise: Someone who likes to wake up early in the morning, or who has at least developed that habit.

Well, I was close with some of these. ^ ^


I must be old because only one of these is a mystery to me. In fact I use many of these.

Perhaps I'll just go with well-read rather than old.

  • Cabin Fever
    When your cabin is clearly in need of repair

  • Plaintext
    It's like plain yogurt, no flavoring (no emoji)

  • Dirty Pool
    A pool full of leaves in the fall

  • Daily Dozen
    When someone has to take a lot of medication every day

  • College Try
    When you try to make a living but end up living with student loans.

  • Dollar-a-year
    Health care premiums in heaven

  • Dada
    A broken sound board

  • Earthrise
    A brand of coffee


Cabin-fever. The need to get out of the house after having been indoors for too long.

Plaintext. Plainly spoken.

Daily dozen. A daily routine.


Ooooh! I'm gonna have fun with this lol

Cabin Fever: a fever you only get in a cabin Plaintext: text that is just, well, plain Dirty Pool: A pool full of dirt Daily Dozen: your daily dozen of eggs College Try: when you try to get into college Dollar-a-year: when you only get a dollar a year Dada: a baby's nickname for it's dad Earthrise: when a part of the earth rises, sorta like a mountain but it wasn't risen before

lol, I think I had a bit too much fun with this lol :)

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