Thanks everyone who upvoted this. I have never had such a liked discussion.

I know this is on a top sticky, but it doesn't say much. Is anyone interested in a Finnish from English course??????????????????????????????????

January 5, 2018


Finnish is the most requested course in Duolingo history. For some reason, it went from being in the 2000s in upvotes down to very low, for some reason. So Finnish is very highly requested, even though the upvotes don't show it.

I'm convinced it was a bug. Did a Finnish-hating user create 2500+ accounts just to downvote a discussion requesting the language they hated?

I think it's an utter no-lifer who hates foreign languages, since English for Georgian and Latin for English were also hit, if it's not a bug.

"An utter no-lifer" would be an understatement.

I hope nobody is desperate enough to create a bunch of Finnish-hating accounts.

Oh yes! I was think about that today .I can't wait! Hey Duolingo! We want finnish course!

Check these out while you are waiting for Duolingo to create it:

Even though you know this one is stickied, you might not have really read it: because then you would have found out that there is already a discussion about this: which actually has many comments from people who are interested in a Finnish course. There is even a Duolingo Facebook group that you can join listed in that discussion, along with many other helpful links.

Also, don't forget to upvote this one: The old one linked above was unfortunately killed.

ok thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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