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Bon Cop, Bad Cop

I was on an Air Canada flight a few months ago traveling to Montreal and I watched a movie on the flight called Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2. What made this movie of interest was it was about two cops, one spoke English and one French so the movie had subtitles. It was easy to follow and a decent movie. Last I checked it was available on Netflix.

January 6, 2018



I've not seen the second one, but I thought the first one was well done. It's the only movie I've seen so far that favours two languages equally. It starts with a jab at Ontario / Quebec rivalry with a heated discussion of who has jurisdiction when a dead body is found hanging over a road sign marking the provincial border. I love Luis-José Houde in this movie, but in his stand up routines his stacatto rapid-fire French is impossible for me to follow and closed captioning is hardly better. He speaks so fast the captions can't keep up.


Allo, Eric. I am also in Utah. What city/town are you in?


I found this movie amusing, but not sure how educational it is aside from learning some Québecois cursewords. I agree that it's neat to see all the code switching and bilingualism, particularly with the two main characters. The second one is all right, but didn't have the same charm as the original in my opinion.


I actually just watched the first movie today. I was surprised at how much of the French I was able to understand. Now granted, I hadn't been using Duolingo when I watched the second movie, but in just over a month of using Duolingo there was noticeable improvement in my comprehension.


Excellent news! I took about a two or three year break and have just started up again. I love French!

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