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"Ani po jedné hodině nenašel záchod."

Translation:Not even after one hour did he find a toilet.

January 6, 2018



Even after one hour he hasn't found the toilet.


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This is a guess as to why "hasn't found" is not accepted.

The Czech najít is a perfective verb, meaning the action is over. The English "hasn't found" suggests that the action has not yet been completed and is still going on -- he started his search an hour ago and is still trying to find the bathroom (and maybe he's not very happy about that...)


I think it is just missing. U2 song: I still haven't found what I'm looking for. - Stále jsem nenašel/nenalezl, co hledám.

It is perfective, but because the search wasn't succesful, the search might or might not be still going on.

There is a time specified here, but, to my limited knowledge, not in the way that would rule out present simple. I will add it later.

But here we would expect more than just a sentence. The sentence discussions are mainly for questions, not just for repeating a translation that had just been reported.


Proc musi 2.cast vety zacit pomocnym did a ne zajmenem he? Vždyť to neni otazka. Dekuji


"Ani po jedné hodině nenašel záchod." why isn't this .. po jednom hodine? like when using ...jednom dni... ?


"hodina" is feminine, while "den" is masculine.

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