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  5. "给我一块咖啡蛋糕,谢谢!"


Translation:Give me a piece of coffee cake, thank you!

January 6, 2018


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Is "one piece" wrong instead of "a piece"?


"one piece" should be accepted. They mean the same thing. Report it.


"Give me one piece of coffee cake, thank you" rejected for me, so I reported it.


Maybe not because Chinese people trasalate it differently than English in but i am mot dully sure


If someone doesn't care to say please, he wouldn't say thank you either, would he?


I think the bigger issue here is that Chinese don't add 谢谢 onto sentences like this one to be polite in the same way English speakers do. This sentence would be much more natural if it used 请 and omitted the 谢谢 at the end, at least for the Chinese sentence. As it is, the sentence comes off awkward in both languages.


The equivalent is definitely better English too


He shouldn't say Thank you until he's recieved it


I think they wanted to reinforce "谢谢" here and maybe the creator was imagining the cake being delivered between the 2 phases?


Wouldn't you normally say "Give me a piece of cake, please"?


Right you are! Instead of "a piece of coffee"!


I guess you don't have to say thank you but you have to say it here when translating it because it was part of the question.


I put "Give me a coffee cake piece, Thank you." I hope im not actually wrong but i think that should be acceptable right? or am I missing the meaning of a character in my answer


You have understood the meaning of the Chinese characters correctly but your English is not correct..


What's wrong with "thanks"?


Wait so coffee cake is just coffee + cake right? so when nouns act as adjective-type things (sorry I don't know terminology) to other nouns you don't need 的 or anything?


No, at least in the Chinese sentence it is not. Otherwise 咖啡 would not have come between 一块and 蛋糕. The meaning can only be "coffee flavored cake".

给我一杯咖啡和一块蛋糕 Give me a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.
给我咖啡和蛋糕 Give me some coffee and cake.

Coffee flavored cake:
Any one of


Wikipedia: "Coffee cake is cake flavored with or intended to be eaten with coffee. British coffee cake is a sponge flavoured with coffee.[1] They are generally round and consist of two layers separated by coffee flavoured butter icing, which also covers the top of the cake. Walnuts are a common addition to coffee cakes.[2] In the United States, coffee cake generally refers to a sweet cake intended to be eaten with coffee or tea (like tea cake)."


I'm curious about the politeness issue. Here in Britain it's perfectly normal to say thank you after asking for something (as in "thank you in advance"), but we would ALWAYS say "please" either beforehand, or after (if we weren't aying thank you). Omitting the please would always come across as impolite, and even saying "please give me..." is very awkward sounding, as we generally use the conditional to be polite ("Please may I have...", "I would like... please.")

Does anyone have any good resources for how to master politeness in China? Also regarding 你 vs 您


Give me ... vs please give me ... should both work ... it's understandable


The chinese phrase does not have "请".


Is this an acceptable way to order something in mandarin or is it rude? i meam instead of prefacing with ma fa ni or qing. Like can I say "gei wo yi da bei zhenzhu nai cha, xiexie"


It's perfectly normal to speak like this in China, you don't even need a 谢谢。


How about "slice of cake"? FWIW the classifier for thin slices is 片 (piàn).


This is so frustrating, I hate this


The correct answer, “给我一块咖啡蛋糕谢谢” isn't being accepted. I'm using a chinese input keyboard. It didn't work with punctuation either.


This is wrong, u need to have the option to chose "give me a cup of coffee and a pice of cake

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