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Help with Korean

I'm going through the lessons to try and learn Korean and it seems like the quizzes and tests expect me to already know how to speak Korean and how to translate it and is only teaching me how to write it. Am i doing something wrong or is this how it actually is? The only reason i'm even passing the lessons is because it tells me the answer, for example 바다 which spoken is bada and translates to sea/ocean but at no point have i been taught "to say sea in Korean it's bada" it's just asking me to translate the written. The only reason i know that's what it translates to is when it asks me to write it in English it gives me the answer when i hover my mouse over it. It's infuriating and confusing

January 6, 2018



Im finding it difficult too and I have learned a little hangul before! The progression making sentences is far too fast, especially if like me you are not familiar with linguistic expressions like 'particles' and such like. Also there is no hangul keyboard that I can find, which makes it difficult to type the words requested in the quizzes. I need to learn a few nouns first then see examples of how to put them together.


It helps if you look at the lesson notes. They teach you everything you need to know, so if you dive right into lessons without reading them it’ll be hard to keep up. I recommend at least skimming through it.

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