I am having continued difficulty with various constructions used for "is he". The answers for French translations seem to flip flop from one thing to another. I have lived in France for 15 years, know a fair number of french people and I have never had any difficulty with "Est il". What's going on ?

January 6, 2018


Est-ce ... ? = "Is it.... (followed by a modified noun) → Est-ce ton chien ?
Est-il ... ? = "Is he .... (followed by an adjective) → Est-il grand ?

It is the reverse of the c'est / il est rule.

Thanks. I am not sure if this is what Charles Bri was asking, but I was wondering about this too. How essential is including the hyphen. “-“That is something I have been wondering. Can one write, Est ce ton chien? Est il grand? Doulingo marks the answer wrong if you forget the -, but I feel like I have seen it written in print without. How-important-is-the-hyphen?

As it a question using inversion, I assume the hyphen is necessary. Of course, orally, intonation could be used:
C'est ton chien ? ; Il est grand ? etc.

Thanks! however, I was actually asking about the hyphen specifically and not the phrasing. I was wondering if ‘Est il grand?’ Could be considered correct, as well as ‘Est-il grand?’ Same word order but I just left out the hyphen in the first sentence. As Charles pointed out, sometimes the exercise marks you wrong if you neglect to type in the ‘-‘ and sometimes it let’s it slide, so I was wondering how essential the hyphen itself is, as opposed to the word order of the question. Is it a strict rule to always use the hyphen?

It was my understanding that, where the verb appears before its pronoun, the two are connected by a hyphen.

According to this site , it is required:

I've seen this course (the FR→EN speakers) let (the lack of a hyphen) slide but not the reverse course, EN→FR speakers.

Charles is only Level 5 on 300xp. I don't remember "est-il" etc being introduced that early in the tree.

Merci beaucoup! Yes, I have been working on the Spanish french/french spanish trees so maybe that is where I got away without using a hyphen. Perhaps the french are more lenient about it in informal writtings? Thanks for the info!

What issue do you have with that ?

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